What is the difference between Google SEO and Yahoo SEO?
I am a new SEO,i spend much time to get back links to update my rank on Google but the rank on yahoo is down.
So who can tell me why?

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I think nothing, you do work with ethical seo techniques, if you site and keywords will be ranked in google then no need to do work for ever search engine.

Google gives weightage to backlinks while yahoo gives more weightage to on page SEO.

I don't think that there is any difference between any ethical tactics. Rather yahoo uses a different way to calculate the SERP's, it is always ahead in counting the backlinks. But due to search volumes, Google is preferred over Yahoo and also a complex one to be understood.

See, both have separate engines so, obviously the algorithm is different. You need to concentrate on some on-page optimization techniques also that will help you increase your rankings on yahoo simultaneously working for getting more and more back links.

We learn everyday. No wonder my site does not rank well in yahoo.

from the word itself yahoo seo you specialized in optimizing a website in yahoo only and vice versa

yahoo puts importance in density, as google in prominence. (one of the differences)

I don't think that there is much difference as for both the seo technique are the same like link building etc.

basically Both have different algorithms and they move in that directions.
there are a lot of differences between SEO Google and Yahoo.
Yahoo explorer fetches top high authority pages but Google picks them according to site map.
Yahoo indexes those pages who are very worthy, content enrich, high traffic but Google concentrates on back links and content.

The difference is algorithms. Yahoo likes content but Google likes backlink.

Yahoo SEO and Google SEO differs in their algorthim. Based on this they show there listing and targeting for one search engine is only possible, as both have different sets of parameters to answer.

The main thing which is differ in both case is change of algorihum , both use different algo for ranking , Yahoo do not care about keyword stuffing ,depend mostly on site

I hope, may be something wrong with your on page optimization. Am sure with this once you following Google algorithm and work on it surely you will get improvement in yahoo search engine. Because yahoo search algorithm, most of the factors are similar to Google. So very competitive to get SERP in Google only not yahoo you will get good position in yahoo easily.

Google make the rules, yahoo DONT
Google have 75%+ searches, anything yahoo do is therefore insignificant

If your comfortable with Google Search Engine that is more enough for us. No need to bohter about other search engines.

There is no such a different for the Yahoo and Google . They follow the traditional methods for site optimization . They have mirrior differnce Google gives more focus on the quality and there is difficult to optimize the site and on the Yahoo it is realitivily easy to optimize the site .

Google SEO is the both On-page and Off-page SEO strategies. But yahoo optimization is about only On-page SEO technique. This is the only difference between Google SEO and Yahoo SEO. So its easy to get indexed in yahoo.

there might be some problem in your on and off page optimization so that why your ranking is affected. There no big defference between both search engine its just following the search engine guidline..

well i think there is no google seo or yahoo seo..
there is one seo and other sem..
just follow the regualr seo tricks,build backlinks,improve alexa rank..
this is all you have to do..no worries about yahoo and other search engine

can anyone recommend site where i can yahoo seo is explained ?

Google and yahoo both are search algorithm are different. Both promotional activities are different....

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