I think the best way is getting some links in various sites in google.It will give the place in the sites and the visitors can give you the valuable position.

Here is the link where you can submit your site.


But I think you don't need to submit your site to SE, bots will automatically crawl your site and index it.

I will try this one!

Again, Google have a pretty coherent statement about why you should submit your site for to the addurl page, http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=70897&hl=en and why you should submit a sitemap,

Submit a Sitemap to tell Google about pages on your site we might not otherwise discover.

and why you should get a webmaster tools account for your site
All the **bovine fecal expletive deleted** posted that you should do nothing and let google find your site on its own, is exactly that,
Google very obviously know what google want from site owners, and give instructions,
Google call it Google 101
What I think,
he thinks,
they over there think,
really does not matter a ** expletive deleted **
when Google have 99%(exageration maybe) search engine share, then they make the rules, following them is pretty easy

In my opinion simply link your site with quality sites than you don't need to submit your site to Google manually, Google would automatically pickup your site.

You don't need to submit your site on google. Yoy just have to do to make a link to your page on a high PR site. As a result google's crowler willl automatically index your pages...No doubt..Just you have wait 24 hours to 72 hours..

You don't need to submit your site on google. You just have to do to make a link to your page on a high PR site. As a result, google's crowler willl automatically index your pages...No doubt......Just you have wait 24 hours to 72 hours..

video, sound.... and more funy

Use google directory google.com/addurl to submit your site to google.

thanks for sharing useful links.

There are lots of free sites available for submission and generat back links for ur site. Also posing in dofollow forum to get fast submission in google.


Wow, the simple answer of using google webmaster to submit sitemap or directly submit url to google has over100 posts :-O

OK, this thread is just a spam magnet now. Closed.

need not to submit you website on google just submit on other directories or submission site google will automaticaly crawl from those website

Try in webmaster tools

Submitting link to Google will need time to index. Link from other niche site to get indexed will add in one week

Making valid xml site map for your site and submitting to webmaster tool is the best way of submit to google.

go through with google webmaster tools

you don't have need to submit our site in google take a backlinks other siet and google auto matically show our site in search engine result page..

google provides webmaster tools for submitted the websites.

submitting a site to Google ??? What does that mean??? I don't know about submitting any site to Google haven't heard that method ???

submit your website to google webmaster and add http://www.google.com/addurl.html

do some social bookmarking submission so that google crawls your website.

thirdly update the content

thanks for your help..

hi try to add your in all search engines along with google..that would be very help for indexing in that search engine..

I am not getting your question, wether you want to rank your website (in order to rank your website on search engine you would require some serious backlink building, forum posting, yahoo answers etc. But do keep in mind while doing this don't spam) or submit your website (Google crawlers will automatically crawl your site so you don't need to wonder about submitting you site). If you're question is other than this i think you must be more clear what you are trying to ask here !!

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