What is a hub page? How does it work?

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Hubpage is a web2.0 type site and you can make your own hub on whatever topic you want same like squidoo lens. But hubpage is somewhat strict when it comes to use affiliate links.

you need to post unique and relevant article and traffic generated from there is quiet okay but the backlinks are with nofollow attribute.

hub page,...Page creation which will help your site to improve your traffic and will improve your rankings.

hub page where you can post article and get backlinks which will help your to create the traffic on the site and improve your site's rankings.

hub page is nothing to do with the site "hub pages".

A hub is a micro-site where you cram it full of good content and do lots of linking out to high authority, on-topic sites, to build the reputation of the hub you have created. You can then use it to link to your own site to generate a high quality link, or it can be part of your site to pass link juice to other pages, as the theory is people will want to link to it.

The reality is its a lot of hard work, and unless you are naturally creatin a hub through the subkject matter, then you are better off with other backlink building strategies.

Hub pages is providing free area to create pages on it. This is a good source for promotion which increases the traffic.

Good tools to share your success stories and expertise in specific field.

Thanks for all your informations guys!

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