Internet marketing experts always recommend article marketing and it is more powerful than email marketing or any form of Internet advertising.

Article marketing is an excellent strategy for driving FREE traffic, particularly if you don’t want to advertise your product by pay-per click Search Marketing.

A best practice in article marketing involves the creation of tons of quality attractive articles related to your specific product or services.

How article marketing drives traffic for your site?
Article directories can help your site generate massive traffic by showing articles and author bio (links to your site).

What benefits article directories can get to show articles?
Article directories displays ads related to your topic on each article page.

The higher your article appears in search engines, the more traffic your articles will generate. Articles site can shares articles via RSS with their subscribers and partners, this will increase number of back-links of your site.

Good rule of writing article is "quality over quantity". A single article can generate more traffic than tons of articles traffic. Your articles should contain the keywords that people would commonly use to search for your particular topic.

Duplicate content will actually drive SEO rankings down. Make each piece different enough will give greater rewards.

Good luck for your Internet marketing!

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There is no doubt that article marketing is effective, but not all businesses have the time nor the skill to write compelling articles. It seems that video marketing is really a way to break out from the pack. But one thing that a marketer should look for, especially if their time is restricted, is SEO Tools.

Article marketing is an effective way to generate quality traffic. Most people who uses article submission as a technique goes to a big deal in creating unique content.

Duplicate content will actually drive SEO rankings down.

I've heard this on many message boards but I have never experienced this in the 10 years I've been doing SEO. If an article is popular and spreads like wildfire over the internet why would this drive rankings down? This would actually indicate popularity.

Article Marketing increases the traffic and also gives the back links. Good PR sites like Ezine articles is counted as a solid link

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