I don't rely on tools and I never recommend them. They do not provide precise results and might not be updated thoroughly.

I'am now trying to make the tools to check backlink, PR, indexed page

I would like to recommend seoquake or seo4firefox add-ons for Firefox. They are both AIO tools to find backlinks from above sites. :)

this is my only contribution
just sign up for free account and you can see your backlinks from those three major search engines. Hope it can help.

I want to ask what is the keyword to find backlink in this search engine :
Please tell me. I'am waiting for your answer. Thank's

I only know about google. Here's the syntax:

link: URL

Thanks for your Great post. I will use to find backlinks by using yahoo.
It will show the correct backlinks which we get for particular website.

I was finish with my engine to check backlink. Thank you for all of yours help. Thank's again

In manual checking of backlinks you can use this key text link:domainname or if you are using firefox, SEOpen add ons will be a big help. or the site backlinkwatch.com

There are so many ways to check out back link, here is one of the most easiest and well known way to check back link through Google analytic and the other one is to check back link through rank checker it shows your back links for Google, Bing and yahoo.

thanks for sharing ...

thanks for sharing such a helpful information ..

put this in search button..

Almost all the search engines have the same criteria to view back links.

thanks for the helpful post

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