Hundreds of backlinks in yahoo/bing....... 3/4 link in google...... just crazy...

Here is not matter of policy or privacy or secrets.... links are there... therefore must be shown.

Not only ... for some keywords and search my website is number 3 or 4 in yahoo/bing ......... then for the same words.......... not even in the first 100 in google ...........

Definitely is a nonsense....

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The fact that your webpages rank highly in Yahoo and Bing is a very good thing. Even if it's unintentional, you probably have unique, quality content and well-optimized web page components.

Just keep doing what you are doing but pay more attention to building new web conent than off-site ranking factors.

The various search engines decide in different ways which links they will show they have found. None of them show them all. Some links are just too insignificant or repetitive or to similar to bother displaying as a unique link. As a matter of fact, don't even concern yourself with this wishy-washy variable. Concentrate on empowering your internal linking structure and focus on deploying important content and the search engines will come around in your favour, eventually.


Thank you....... I'm not worry actually.... I have just recoded all with new SEO inpage also... it will take time to gain positions, and I'm already happy with yahoo/bing


It will a little time but soon your efforts will show the results and you will gain some position in google as well ...

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