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Can somebody tell me the importance of Keyword in the field of SEO?


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I can suggest oyu to read this article - selfseo.com/story-19485.php

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Keywords are the main factor that will affect your success in the SEO field. Since, it is the keywords that people will enter to find the relevant web pages in the internet. So even before you start to write for the internet you should know for what keywords you have to focus.

When doing your keyword research, don’t focus your efforts on keywords with high total searches per month. The majority of keywords with large searches per month aren’t necessarily buyers. Longer-tail keywords, or more specific phrases, often get less searches, but have higher conversions because the consumer tends to be looking for exactly what they are going to buy. To find new keyword ideas, visit Google's Keyword Tool.

In my own experiences, keyword would be the essential issue for any SEO campaigns. You need to use your targeted keywords and their variants in title tags, meta tags, page contents and as anchor text of backlinks. :)

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Keyword is very important so that you can optimize your page without a keyword you cannot advertise and promote your site well, you must also choose the best keyword.

Keyword play an important role for any website to get traffic and increase site serp's and it's important in get back links for site which will beneficial to increase site PR and traffic. So always choose to write keywords for site which can be useful for site.


If you are searching something on google, yahoo and bing search engines. You use word/s to find certain info on the web. Those word/s are Keywords and are used to make business online. This is where SEO starts to play. Hope this will help.

When you start optimization, the first thing you need to consider is the keywords that describe the content of your site best and that are most likely to be used by users to find you.

Use key words that are related to your site. These words help you in promoting and in creating traffic to your website.


One of the factors that will make you a specialist in SEO is by giving importance to the keywords. These keywords are the inputs that will help you get more information or ideas about the products of different businesses online.

Hey friend....keywords play the most important role in field of SEO....they are the starting points for search of your products on search engines...It is through keywords only,many people visit your website because its listed in top pages of Search engines.....

keywords are identity of sites same as you are identified by your name. without keywords sites are useless.

Keywords are essential SEO elements as they are what search sequences are matched against.That is why it is crucial optimizing your site for the proper keywords.Keyword research should help you to better optimize your website, and it will really help content writers also to write comfortably with well chosen keywords and save valuable time and definitely to be rewarded with higher ranks in search engine result pages.

For researching keywords there are many tools are available on internet as paid or free. Like Google Ad-words Keywords Tool, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery etc. These tools help to extract relevant keywords. You should make list of relative keywords and analyze the effectiveness and relevancy of these keywords to your business and then go for it.

First analyze the keywords using the google keywords suggestion tool.Dont go for the high volume search keywords. Instead choose the keyword which is going to be good for your business.

Key word research on-line market research as necessary as any type of off-line but even more the net - and a website any visitors at all and therefore can not get a sale is over.

One of the great masters of direct marketing - Ted Nicholas, "a word that money you get writer" - that has relevance to Internet marketing that really stuck with me with some: "The words that do not sell images to is "

Today, it is easy to lose to get into "websites look and" feel. While its a good idea to look good, easy to navigate website that is probably far more important is the right word in your web pages. As the old saying goes Web: "Content is (still) king"

What to make good content, keyword research is essential. But I truly believe that for this purpose using only search engines is probably the thing of the past. Recognizing this, companies little easier internet marketer amazing keyword research tools are developed with the aim of making life.

Check this link for complete information about importance of keywords.


The most important part of SEO. You must research which keyword to target in search engines have high search volume, and consider also the amount of competition that you have with your selected keyword.

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