The majority of the SEO task will be link building, which is the #1 ranking factor in getting to the top of Google.

I am going explain the best sources to improve your link building.

Source 1 - Article Submission
Write an article that attract your target audiences. Note that "content is king", if you have quality content with neat structure you will easily drive your audiences into your website. Add your URL at the bottom of article and author bio. Some of the article sites will not allow URLs in article and may accept URLs in author Bio.

Source 2 - Press Release Submission
Write a press release about your product services. Add your URL at the bottom of press release and author bio. Similar to articles sites, some of the PR sites will not allow URLs in article and may accept URLs in author Bio.

We will discuss other sources in my next tip.

Good luck for your SEO success!

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These two kinds of link building cannot give you a higher rankings. I would add more link building techniques like forum postings, blog commenting, directory submissions, social bookmarkings and blog posting.

Link Exchange or Reciprocal Links is also another way for link building...

There are also Social Bookmarking sites. To make life easy, submit your link automatically to article directories, press releases and social bookmarking sites using Traffic Anarchy. See my sig.

My tip today is use Squidoo, using Squidoo will givwe you a backlink to your site as well as link juice as it is a do follow (at time of going to press).. Link building techniques should be done over time with as many techniques as possible.... But do not I repeat do not start link building a whole lot then stop again and then start this is not good practice. Make a plan for the next 12 months that way you are not over doing your link building exercises and it doesn't fall by the wayside and do not spam. That is all for now..hope I have been as helpful as fellow people within this discussion

Thanks, But i think you are missing Forum Posting. Forum posting is the best techniques for link building.

I am guest blogging on topics related niche blogs for valuable backlinks create a successful link building strategy that not only do but direct traffic.

Yeah you are absolutely right for link building techniques but forums posting is also effective.


Firstly, I would like to mention that you also need on page optimization for top ranking purpose.
Secondly, I think blogging and forum signature links would be the other 2 more effective channels for back linking purpose.

all the best,

I like the post you have give very useful information. I am also giving some tips for SEO links
1. Article Submission- It creates short article.
2. Social media Profiles- It will allow you insert link into website.
3. Forum signatures- It will provide to insert link by which one can directly to your website.
I hope that these tips will be helpful.

as i learned from my thread

1. Link Building = Article - Submit Article to various dir. blogs etc.
2. Link Building = Forums - Find Good Forums who have high PR as well as traffic , post quality post and put your link as a signature.
3. Link Building = Blog Commenting - Write good comments and give your link there.

Profile pages from high PR authority sites also bring back links to your site.

yeah thanks guys its really helpful for us...
SEO is the combination of tactics and strategies, including, but not limited to, optimization of information architecture, usability, content focus, audience targeting, design, development, keyword research, keyword placement, link building, social media marketing and any other online or offline branding/marketing elements that support the goal of receiving more traffic from search engines..

Well, if we talk about the "weight" of links, than I would agree 100% with what is mentioned above. Qualitative and effective link building techniques are article marketing and press release submission where you are not only marketing your content (articles) but you are also getting targeted traffic to your site. And the best part is that your site is also getting huge weight from the content you are writing in articles and press releases.

Backlinks from blogs, forums, directory submissions are also good, but search engines give pretty less value to those techniques.

Good luck,

These two kinds of link building cannot give you a higher rankings. I would add more link building techniques like forum postings, blog commenting, directory submissions, social bookmarkings and blog posting.

Put a link in the “about me” section of your eBay profile!

can you advise please a professional and respected site that submits your articles and Press Releases?

I think you can got the lots of quality Article Directories on Google search it.

NIce methods. Also include blog commenting which brings you high quality links.

Besides that one should also go in for Social Networking it enables one to get more traffic and gain clients

Article submission and forum posting have great value in term of SEO because we get link from relevant page directly...

You'll definitely want to build links via forums posts, blog commenting, and article marketing. Do this daily for the best, continued ranking success.

Blog commenting on a similar niche site helps in boosting your keyword rankings.

I would add more link building techniques like forum postings, blog commenting, directory submissions, social bookmarkings and blog posting.

Press release is a powerful technique.

Increased visibility

Social marketing, like blogging, can help to spread information. This information can then be correlated to your site, increasing your site's popularity. Create new content that people really need and you'll have no problem drawing people to your site.

All businesses aim to increase their audience. Before the Internet, many spread the word through word of mouth. Social marketing has now taken over as the online version of word of mouth. Harnessing it in the right way results in more customers, more sales, and a higher level of visibility online than ever before.

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Basically link building means adding inbound links in a particular website. Link building is an important process in any search engine optimization as search engines give lot of importance to those websites which have incoming or backward links. However, the links have to be quality based with good themes in them,Link Building is categorized in three categories -- one way, two ways and three way linking. In One Way linking the particular website gives us links at zero cost or without any back links. This can be easily done by submitting the website in directories, Articles or Press Releases. On the other hand, in two ways linking back links are given to the site whose links we are adding to our site. It is also known as reciprocal linking. In three ways linking, a number of websites are added to a particular site and vice versa for link exchange.

Well friends I would say apply those techniques in which you are good at.Be specific in what you do, work on your USP(unique selling point), get as many unique and quality backlinks as you can, as it will help you to set the standard for your sites and also help to compete with your competitors.


Link building is all about getting quality of backlinks to your website from high pagerank websites. SO Submit your website link to directories and social bookmarking sites. We can use hubpages and squidoo also for getting quality of backlinks and traffic.


Thanks for information. You can use Forum posting and Blog posting and commenting for make quality dofollow backlinks.

I totally agree with you on that. Off page SEO plays a stronger part!

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