Have you tried Internet Explorer 8? Not yet, try it.. I used it and in my opinion it is better than the Firefox.

Me too, I always use Mozilla Firefox. It's way better than IE.

In my point of view Mozilla Firefox is best then internet explore and i always use Mozilla Firefox...

Yup, been using IE8 since it came out. (It launched with Windows 7, right??? I forget already) FireFox is still faster, but I'm an IE fan.

I've used both and I find Firefox much better than IE.

I am using Mozilla Firefox now, I sometimes also use Internet Explorer7, compare with these two brosers, i think Mozilla Firefox is better, but there are also some disadvantages with it such as the lower speed. Internet Explorer is more stable than Mozilla Firefox

However, in all, i think Mozilla Firefox is better. i haven't used Internet Explorer 8 yet, i hope it will be a excellent broser.

I like firefox better than IE. firefox is more convenient.