on-page tips

1. Seo friednly domain name
2. Host your website from a best web hist company
3. Put your target keywords in title tag. and title tag should be less than 60 character and note: space is also character
4. meta description should be in sentence form and try to put ur keywords in sentenses.
5. put your keywords in meta keyword, i will suggest you to put 10-15 main keywords . otherwise search engine may cause keyword stuffing and ur site can be spam.
6.dont use flash navigation try to make it in css coz search engine cant read flash .
7. use site map , try to use html site map coz it is both for ur visitors and search engine but xml site map is only for search engine
8.use robots.txt file for search engine.
9. make ur main keywords bold and itallic in ur website content.
10. use your keywords for hyper links from one page to another.


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On-Page SEO is the process of placing your selected keywords in the right places on your web pages. It involves changing page titles, headings, content, and URLs to improve search engine rankings.

It necessary to know for beginners that right keyword research is an important part of SEO business.. It worth to choose a good tool for that - i can advise semrush. Maybe you'd advise smth else? I will be glad to hear your thoughts. Thanks

use of meta tags and backlinks serve the core part of SEO..


Thanks for your post.

For all beginners, I would like to recommend below 2 e-books:
Google-Search-Engine-Optimization-Starter-Guide.pdf and
50 kick-ass keyword strategies.pdf

have a nice day,

Very useful tips for beginners like me. Thank you for sharing with us.


Its very useful for all beginner like me

Thanks for your tips

This is really helpful for beginners.. It will give them a lot of ideas about SEO.

According to expert says to get business you have to apply a variety of marketing plans. But later than you have customer you don't require to do marketing. Similarly SEO is wanted for new website. But if your site is well-known like YouTube, Facebook you may not require SEO.

I would like to thank you for the tips. It really helped me.

Thanks for sharing good tips.

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