I have been using social bookmarking sites to submit my website and/or new pages and got good results. However, I just manually submit my web site, new pages to these social bookmarking sites.

So, I am looking for a good social bookmarking software to automate the submission.

Any good software out there? I am not looking for a free one.

I can pay money for this software.

Thanks very much for reading.

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You could try Socialmarker. It is an online tool which will submit any site you want to the most popular Social Bookmarking sites.


There are two that you can give a try:

Onlywire - It can bookmark your site in over 20 bookmarking sites at once

Web2Submitter - It can submit your site many sites at one click.


i think bookmarking daemon is the good for use,, but not free,,

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Hi, if you want to automated bookmarking submissions the go with socialmaker.com..which gives better results...and onething it works like a manually..


Hi, I am New here. I want to more about Bookmaring Software. Please help me.

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you can attach a social bar with your website. which on single click will send your data in social web sites. like twitter, stumbleupon, facebook,tumbler,linkedin,google plus. use this social bar . you will enjoy it

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