Instead of google adsense,can we have any other genuine options to earning stable money using ours website?

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Google is monopolising the web! Good luck finding something.

adbrite and there similar things in yahoo and msn

you can try CJ and other affiliate program

aside from adsense..

Affiliate Marketing + SEO
Ad publishing + SEO
Domaining + SEO
sell any product + SEO

try that..

I do encourage advertising on second tier search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and even I noticed on some sites that and Aol bring more traffic than Yahoo. is the best, adbrite so and so, chitika works well if you have a US Traffic.


I have yet to find a website that claims they make more money from alternative contextual ad networks such as Adbrite who have not been kicked out of Adsense.

chitika probably the best alternative to adsense

nice, thanks :)

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