When will it be the year of the mobile? Media people have been asking this question for several years.

More importantly, from my perspective, will mobile SEO become a major part of my role within Search? With what seems like a major reluctance to commission small screen pages and/or a convergence of browser developers shoe-horning the desktop web on to my small screen; mobile SEO is fast becoming a speciality that was never required.
The user will have to discover the application from somewhere. No doubt - SEO will retain the same important role - driving visibility across Search to an audience thirsty for mobile convenience. Fortunately the client agrees. Phew!
Mobile SEO ... It could be time to take the next step in Your Mobile Search Optimization Efforts by Incorporating Our Mobile SEO and Google Mobile SEO Programs.
As cell phone and mobile phone technology and usage continues to evolve rapidly it is time to expand into Mobile SEO and Search Optimization For Mobile Phones. Peak Positions Creates Google Mobile SEO Solutions That Maximize Website Exposure on Mobile Phones, WAP Browsers and Google Mobile Phones.
As mobile phone use skyrockets it is imperative to be found early in Google Mobile Search Results. Our programs naturally optimize websites for top keyword positions in mobile phones.

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wow we can call a new step in seo process.

I couldn't agree more! There are a couple of interesting articles on this subject at <snipped>

wow we can call a new step in seo process.


I've really heard of it and started working for the same I found several sites for the mobile optimization of the site it is similar to the simple site optimization. But what is important is the mobile site it is totally different from the regular site you need to program for it separately or there are several sites that will mobify your site for free

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