Keyword plays vital role from search engine point of view. Select those keyword which have high traffic and low competition. This will help to get a good traffic towards website.

use keyword relevent to your site and you keyword ln title that you are optimising for your site


Keywords and keyword phrases are the terms that are specifically implemented in website content. This is one of the most important job for every webmaster. So for that we can use Google adwords and wordtracker.


key words plays the important role for making your website on the top of the search engines. finding the rite keyword for your website is challenging task. it need deep keyword research. you can use google adwords for keywords research.

Is there any tool other than Google ad-words for keyword research.

You are right that using the right keywords is one of the best methods for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is extremely important to get traffic on your websites. You should use keywords related to your business and your website in the title tag as well as in the meta description. Yes you could repeat a few keywords in the content of your webpage but try not to overload it with keywords try to maintain the required keyword density, say 2-5% sounds about right. For instance, according to the mentioned density, you should insert a keyword once in the first 100-150 words in an article, say if the article is of 1000 words then insert 7-10 keywords in the whole article and try not to repeat the keywords too many times.

Keyword density is important (not as important as it used to be though!) but unfortunately for me, all content is user-generated, so I have no control over what other people post.

Obviously you are right. Use synonyms of related words to your main keywords in meta tags but remember dont repeat words. Good luck

We take our words from the topic title as well as our tagging system to generate our meta tags.

Keyword research process

  • Make a list of relevant topics.
  • Find your competitors keywords.
  • Create a list of keywords.
  • Login to google keyword planner.
  • Check the competition and the monthly search figure.
  • Sort your keywords.

Now you can use these keywords in your meta keywords and meta descripiton as well.

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Hello tadisaus,

Yes, Keywords plays an important role in website optimization. You should search keywords according to your targeted audience.
For keyword research, You should use "Google keyword planner" tool. It displays the keyword's search volume also.
After keyword research, you can easily find your focused keywords. Now, work on these keywords by adding these keywords in your content.

Keyword stuffing:- Keyword stuffing is the technical term and the part of black - hat technique. When you use a keyword multiple times in content, meta or title but these keywords are not relevant to your content, it is called keyword stuffing.

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