I have site. I use high PR links. if i use low PR links so any effect on my site. and it get incoming link.

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In my own experiences, backlinks from lower PR sources would be also helpful for your sites' PR if only they are decent and dofollow. :)

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If you post your links to higher PR sites then it will increase traffic to your site more than the sites with lower PR. But it wouldn't have any negative effect.

I have site. I use high PR links. if i use low PR links so any effect on my site. and it get incoming link.

Sure! Low PR links from a relevant and "authoritative" resource is much better for your site than high PR links from non-relevant resources.

All in all though.. i wouldn't put much weight in Google Toolbar PR. It has no bearing on how your site will rank in the search results pages. It really boils down to quality of content, optimized on-site components, and relevancy.

You should build normal back link, it means whatever PR should be got

Still the low PR links carries value to your site but it is less than high PR links. I don't think it will do any harm to your site if you are getting less PR links. Instead, it will give you some more benefits in traffic. However, make sure that you are getting links from NON-SPAMMY pages.

Any link is a good link. It adds to the overall recognition of your site, of course higher pr links are better, but as long as you have the relevant anchor text it should contribute something to your site possibly increasing your sites pr.

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Thanks for sharing this information, it's very useful for me to do seo better ..

yes they have value but they should be relevant

dont get me wrong but the case is not to link to black seo sites

Low pr links still have effect to your site but not that much as like. But you don't have to ignore low pr site because every backlinks are counted as backlinks.

I too find the links from low Pr sites, but relevant, are not taken negatively by Google

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