I am here to know what is search engine saturation.. can any body can help me to define and explain this term??

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I don't know much about it, but sounds to me like too many results for one key word.

First of all thanks for sharing this topic...I hope this is the answer of your question
searchengineoptimizationjournal [dot] com/2009/04/24/search-engine-saturation/

very interesting topic. how to implement it in seo. can anybody elaborate it.

thanks in advance

Well say that you have a site of 100 pages. If 90 of those pages indexed in Google, 75 are indexed in Yahoo, 80 are indexed in MSN, Ask.com and 65, you say that the saturation of its search engine is the sum of these. Is 310. You can include search engines like Mahalo small, Dogpile, and many people there, but the number of pages would never end if I stay with 4.

You could use this to determine the total number of pages you have for a particular search engine. This will be useful in knowing which pages to optimize too.

Also it could help you gain advantage over your competitors. check out those who have a higher saturation number than you do then see what they are doing right.

Search engine saturation is your gauge for how effective you are in getting search engine listings. It’s one of the gauges for how effective you are at search engine marketing in general.While search engine saturation is generally measured for each individual website, you are a business. If you start another website in the same niche as your first one then you stand a greater chance of increasing your exposure through search engine saturation simply because you double your chances that you’ll get page 1 rankings at Google.

very interesting topic. how to implement it in seo. can anybody elaborate it.

thanks in advance

Search Engine Saturation is the number of web pages and related files that a search engine has indexed from your website.
So if all your pages are indexed in the search engines it means that a visitor has the potential to find all your pages. If a page is not indexed then nobody can find it through the search engines.


Search engine saturation is a term which refers to the number of pages of your web pages indexed in the search engines...
Search engine saturation is your gauge for how effective you are in getting search engine listings where the users can find all your pages easily......

I agree with Saliha.. She has given the correct and summarized definition of search engine saturation.. Good JOB!

It explains that how many page of a website is indexed in search engione index.

i have learnt a lot from the thread, thanks for all the experts here.

Great Topic !! thanks for explaining this.

I don't know much about it,

Please tell me anyone about it...I want to know about Search Engine Saturation?...

Thanks in Advance

i do not know about this , i search about this topic lets see what i get

Try to search on google if you are SEO

it's stands for how many page you have indexed in search engine. it's denote the quality of your page in search engine already exist in AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google, MSN, Yahoo! and AOL.

Search Engine Saturation is a measure of how effective you are in getting search engine listing. That is how many pages in a website is indexed by google.

great piece of knowledge... thanks for telling us

I don't know about Search Engine Satursation , Thanks to all for sharing this topic.

never heard about this term but maybe it deals with the keyword competition.

I don't know what it means so I'm going to make my own thing up :)

Search engine saturation refers to the law of diminishing returns as it pertains to the search engines. Essentially, you reach a maximum of how much SEO efforts you can do before you reach a saturation point where anything additional simply becomes less and less effective. Therefore, there's a "glass ceiling" aka saturation point to what can be accomplished for any given keyword term or any particular site in the SERPS.

Again, I'm just making this stuff up ;)

Simply you can say how much your pages are index in differnt search engine , called as saturation , if saturation is high your site may be at top

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