to day in market many powerfull search enging lunching better than google . but this is new search engins . no use people more than google .

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why you are hating my frnds google give us alot of facities

Google is the best search engine. It is very helpful. And why are you hating google ???

It is all up to personal preference, some people like it and some people don't.
Personally I think they collect too much information, however I won't dispute that they have one of the biggest search indexes available which some find extremelly useful.

If you want a list of decent search engines, there are plenty on the internet. I like because of it's anonymous features however it is all down to taste. Give some a go for a couple of weeks as a trial and pick your favourite at the end of it.

Google is one of the best web search engine in the world.

Why you hate google. What happen.

Really It is become typical day to day for SEO...

I am a big fan of yahoo but from last 3 years i using google on daily bases to track back my clients output and also analysing that most of the people using google all because of it way of work guidelines, and automated indexing of new sites

Google is a good search engine. As per my experience Google is better than other all search engines because it display the accurate results.

I love  Google, because of its quality work ! Google is best search engine in the world. 

From my point of view that Google is always best for me. It is seo friendly as well as user friendly for using.

you hate google?, But you have to live with it, it is a best search engine in a world

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