I am completley new to SEO, i have recently built my own website, 5 weeks ago, and i have done quite a bit of work, gaining backlinks to the site ( from free buisness links) registering with DMOZ, submitting a sitemap to google. I currently have about 30 backlinks and am ranked on page 2 on google for my chosen search terms, it is not a very competetive market, however my page rank is still displayed as PR0, the top ranked has a PR2, has it been too little time to have a page rank,

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The time it takes, that's hard to say because it depends on many factors, including but not limited to how frequently your site is crawled, how frequently the linking sites are crawled, etc., etc.

Well no fix time can be mentioned for this... All depends on how efficiently you work on your website!

you need to add more quality links. and wait for google's update

I've not seen an update in the Toolbar PageRank since the beginning of the year.

It's slow to update so don't be a slave to it. Follow traffic and conversion stats instead.

Getting more and more back links is the best way to get the higher page rank.. but the back links must be relevant...

Social book marking help u to index faster.gives u good traffic and get good quality back link to your site. And also work on SMO.....

try yo have a good Quality back link to boost your traffic.

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only 5 weeks is too early to start looking for page rank. It will take a while and I would say dont worry about page rank in first 6 months.
Just focus on SERP.


These days no body can predict about the page rank as google havnt updated from the last april and still every one of waiting,.

Contextual link building is one the most effective SEO strategies available. While you can go on and email people about exchanging links with you, there is actually a better way to gain affiliates to your website. One of these good link building ideas that can be utilized to maximize growth is blogging

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In my own experiences, Google would update the PR of your sites after indexing them really frequently but the PR update on toolbar would usually happen once 3 months.

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I have noticed that new web pages don't get a page rank right away, it actually takes quite a while. I checked on a couple sites including my blog, and it looks like it takes about two months to get a page rank assigned to your page.

Pages get cached, and much indexed faster than this and perhaps they also have a pagerank. Google only updates the pagerank that their toolbar shows every few months.

There are many ways to move up in the SERPS but if you search through some of the more respected SEO forums you'll find a lot of "buzz" going around about this great theology that backlinks actually are the true backbone of ranking well in the search engines.

Eventhough we work hard, we could not get high PR unless google does page rank updates. so wait for google pr updation.

I've found that Google does a major scan of the web every 30 days aprox. (once a month) and updates PR every 3-4 months aprox.

Finding a right link building service is more than just a purchase online and waiting for 1st page results. It's a project that you must take seriously if you are in any way planning on having a good ROI on your budget. Yes,the search engines take time, but the free clicks you get are well worth the wait.

All these methods are useful.But in simple words,
Build more qulaity links and create quality contents to improve and maintain your blog or website's PR.

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