I have a few websites, having to do with carpet dealers, carpet installers and everything home decor.

I get about 30-40 unique visits a day. Id like to get lots more.

Any advice.

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I have tried so many different ways but nothing is as good as getting picked up by the search engines.
Making more pages and covering all the keywords and phrases for the subject of your website is pure gold!!!!

write quality unique content and constantly add new content to site

New content on site and link building techniques such as press releases and article distribution has certainly worked for us . Please be aware and prepared for the fact that search engine optimisation is a highly competitive and you need to be patient to achieve the results.

It has taken us almost 7 months before actually receiving inquiries form customers regarding our web design services. Our traffic is still moderate but search engine optimisation is a constant process.

Many ways to get traffic.
Pay per click, free ad sites, social bookmarking, article marketing, blogging, etc.
Good luck!

Write articles about various aspects of producing, purchasing and installing carpets.
Add a signature at the bottom of the article with a link back to your site and post the articles on article directories, on your blog etc.

Sounds like an offline item which can give you good ROI. Try PPC, use the Yahoo, Google platforms to advertise.

On-site optimization plays a big role in bringing traffic to your site. Check all the likely words and phrases people searching for what you sell might be using in search engines, and then include them in the META Keywords and META Descriptions of your related pages. Exchange links with other related but non-competitive sites, whose visitors might be interested in what you sell.

Always make sure your site is working in too shape.. Even broken links can make you drop out of the search engine results.

Viral promotions or viral marketing is another way to gain more traffic for a site. It may take the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, or even text messages.

i use social network sites and also i participate in forums with my site's link on my signature or profile

You can achieve it by hiring some good SEO professional

Try also to join groups and question-and-answer sites.

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