I have been checking the backlinks of one of my competitors and I can see that some of the directories they're linked to required reciprocal links to be able to submit to them which is fine. HOWEVER - the site in question doesn't even have a links page much less reciprocal links to these directoroes. So where have they gone. How have they done it?

Any ideas people?

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What site is it?

Well, It might be that some of the directories that you are talking about may have just given the links to get some mass to their own diretory! People will not use them till they themselves have some content in their own site!

Second, I guess some directories also have paid listing options where you don't have to link back to them!

many directories that "only trade links" also sell them to some people or are owned by people involved in SEO who list their clients sites.

What site is it?

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