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how to rank well in yahoo & bing?

If you are starting then just take a primary step submit your site in yahoo directory & bing webmasters account.


IF you are start new than submit you site on yahoo it gives you a good backlinks and which are help in your site

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getting the good PR in google is more than enough .i dont think any one will search in yahoo.:-P so its good to concentrate on google page ranks :-)


As far as I know, Yahoo! focuses more on the age of the website. Thus, after registering your domain, you may want to let it age for more than a year before building relevant backlinks from high quality pages in a similar niche. I've also read that you must purchase the same website name with and without dashes. Like Yahoo!, Bing also looks at the age of the domain as a major element. The older is your website, the higher the ranking. Moreover, make an effort to obtain links from pages using your keywords in the title tag.

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