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need some opinion, who you think the best SEO expert in the world and have a good blog with some good resources. (Its good to know those big daddy!)


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Thanks mate..good stuffs

Nice stuff shared @ Airforceone.. Thanks

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@ mankis its already shared by AirForceOne

ups, sorry, I missed that

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No worries mate

yea, all SEO expert in the world have blog. They can show their expertise, bring up huge traffic dominate on their flower ..... can sell easily any product to them.
a lot of advantage available..

Yeah, undoubtedly Matt Cutts is the "Grand Sensei".

When it comes to choosing the best SEO expert than I would say that there are various companies and blogs who are working in SEO industry since the day seo come in visible for a user. I read almost 10 articles of SEO expert per day to visualize the intellectual level of mine with them. I think no one is expert but it’s just the hard work and tips which make any work smart.


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You people touting Matt Cutts as an SEO expert are a bit mistaken. Matt may have an inside scoop on what rocks the search engine, no doubt, but even he can't control the frankenstein of a arena the electronic ranking mechanism that some brain fart of a garage cook-up has unleashed. Merely a corporate puppet, a performer. His every word about search engine optimization is not derived from his expertise in anything at all. Fffff ... a worshipped marionette preaching half-truths to starving masses; his god's some cowboy that sprinkles golddust as it roams around.

He sometimes tells us what the search would like to find in web pages and in search engine optimisation but really is at the mercy of a ranking machine gone mad. SEO expert? Maybe, but it's all about corporate image and not effective, expert SEO.

There are many places, however I don't think that unofficial sources are reliable. The best way to learn SEO is through practice.

One of the best SEO blogs is the one from Bill Slawski, SEO by the sea.
He is ahead of every trend, new search patents and Google insides ...

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