You need to optimize your website or webpage to get a better ranking in Google Search engine results. For this, you need to do a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your websites and should read the guidelines of Google Webmaster to bring your site in top ten results. You should also take care of promoting your websites on different websites and social bookmaking website that could provide with a link back and increase your page rank (PR). This would increases the probability for you to be appearing on top ten.

Hi, I'm new to SEO and my friend taught me simple strategies on how to optimize a website and I am learning and grasping the concept of it. I also see the progress.

You have to determine what keyword/s you will use for your site that is marketable and you have a least competitor site. Then start the basic SEO processes.

1. Article Marketing (Make you are using do follow article directories when you post your articles to count it as links for you mother site.

2. Blogging (Another way to build link to your site and you can make a network of bloggers here and you can optimize your site by creating back links.)

3. Bookmarking and Social Networking (Another way of letting people know about your site.)

4. Forums and Commenting (Another way of informing people that your site is active, make sure that you have to post comments on forum sites that is also related to your product or the nature of your site.)

Make this four steps your daily habit then track the progress of your rank on google (daily, weekly, monthly) and you will be surprise that your site is at page 1 of google.

Hope this helps!

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