The rate of free web directories are going down. The rate of social bookmarking is increasing.

I am not sure if submitting our sites to free web directories still good in seo or not.

When I submit my sites to social bookmarking sites, my sites show up under Upcoming pages immediately. However, this does not apply to web directories.

So, Are free web directories still good in SEO?


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yes, but directories never carried too much weight for seo don't spend too much time on directory submissions, just do a few for the sake of link diversity.

agree with ps3
go to the google webmaster page and read the instructions
there is a good discussion byu google on what works

GOod directories like DMoz do carry out weightage now also you should submit your website to at-least top 50 web directories or so I've compiled a directory list it will benefit you

Submitting links to the web directory may be useful for a new site. However, the effectiveness of the effort spent on the web directory submission are becoming diluted. Look for many other link building options.

Ya it is very effective.Submit your directories in higher PR sites which will help you a lot.This is a lengthy process it consumes a lot of time for submitting one directory.You should follow Directory Submissions but not too much.

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