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I am wondering if Are Free Web Directories Still Good for SEO. I still submit my websites to new directories but I don't know for sure if they do any good.

I keep submitting to these directories as a routine.

any advice is appreciated.

Thanks very much.

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Sure they were! until a few years ago, this was an effective way to promote a site's SEO, even to increase Google rankings.

no matter if it is free directory or paid directory. only page rank matters. directories must be of highly page rank.

Yes free directories are still helpful, no very helpful method but still useful. Better if you submit your websites in some good directories like dmoz, joeant, skaffe, illumirate, etc.

There are those that dismiss free directories but I still submit to them from time to time as long it has a higher PR than our website. I believe that a link from a higher PR website/directory can contribute to SEO espcially if it categorize per niche.

My only problem with free directories is that it takes too long to get approved or listed.

Page rank does matter, it is not important there are paid or free. As we all know DMOZ is good pr directory and it is free too.

Yes it is still in SEO trend. But it gives you results in long term.

Some of them are helpful, others are oversaturated of spam and are not important for the search engines.

free or paid does not matter for seo .every one is usefull for seo

These directories can give you advantage if they are related directories means in your website niche.


Generally speaking, all backlinks from decent sources would be helpful for SERP purpose no matter they are new or old or their own values. But, I would like to mention that SEO values from directory submission might have been replaced by article submission, press releasing and blogging. :)

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It takes much time to be listed.That is a disappointing thing.Otherwise for good PR,directories submission really works.

Yes i think they are... Although they take a lot of time to get approved but they are far better than reciprocal directory submission as Google does not give much importance to link exchanging now!

no matter whether it is paid or free. page rank only matters

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