I believed there are a lot keyword tools around, that you can find in the internet.

Increasing your page rank is always our primary objectives. Keyword is the key to increase your page rank. What is it you are using right now?...and why?

Candice23 commented: Genereally we use the following tools which are very benificial for us; +0

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I don't believe PageRank has anything to do with keywords.

Google's PageRank is based around links.

The use of Keywords effects your chances of showing up in search results. Google states they have over 200 factors (including PageRank) that are taken into account for this.

With regards to Keyword Tools. I use the AdWord Keyword tool and my own software to analyse it:


Hi, opportunity2011

In my own experiences, there might be no keyword tool would help your sites in increasing PR. You need to use them and target the right keyword for your sites niche-accordingly. As for PR purpose, keeping your sites with niche relative fresh contents plus enough quality back links using your targeted keywords as anchor text would be top issues. :)

Personally, I use keyword elite for keyword research purpose.

have a nice day,

Keywords and PageRank are two totally unrelated matters. The question you ask is like, "Which motor oil should I buy for better dental hygiene?"

Increasing your PageRank has no relations with the keywords you are using in optimising your website. As far as I know, continuing link building on your site can really increase your pagerank.

PS: If you mean that you want to rank your search engine ranking results, their are many free keyword tool like Tiggerito shared.

Keyword tool is used to find the appropriate keywords for your website. I don't think keyword tool is used to increase the page rank.

I prefer to top search result for a particular keyword. Not go to much down. However I also use wordtracker tool while keyword research.

Google's page rank is also concerned with the qualitative use of keywords apart from links.

You mean targeting long tail keywords for better result?

Well, for long tail keywords you can use SerpAnalytics dot com, it really works good!

Their is not any relationship between PR and Keyword tool . Creatonly quality backlinks and post unique contents

Well, I won´t make any more comment about the fact that PR and Keywords don´t have anything in common as many users did it already before.

I suggest You to analize the content of Your site - which are the top keywords of Your site ?
You can analize for free the top 10 keywords using this tool from Abakus: http://www.abakus-internet-marketing.de/tools/topword.htm

If You want to reach out more long tail keywords or keyword combinations, try to generate them on this site:



PR and keyword has no relation with each other. And there is no keyword tool which can help you to increase PR.

I do use Google keyword tool for keyword research

For long tail keyword http://www.serpanalytics.com/ is really awesome!

SERPAnalytics is a first online SEO environment designed for SEO & SEM specialists.

SERPAnalytics provides a variety of SEO tools along with access to millions of records of essential data including search engine positions archive and keywords data.

I use http://www.keywordsnooper.com/ to find hundreds of long-tail keywords, and use it together with Google Keyword planner to manage as many keyword research projects as I need. This is by far the easiest to use KW tool and the most affordbale one.

Yes I'm agreed that Keywords don't play role in page rank. Its the website links, back links, and traffic each month on websites which play major role.

Thare is no any tool for increasing your page rank. It depends upon the internal links and do follow external links. after calculating all this links Google raise the page rank of the webpage in the website.

Nowadays, we are using keyword tracker tools to find the good keywords for our web pages.

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