just like google charge fixed advertising one time fees of $5, Do facebook also charge some start up fees?

I am planning to start Facebook advertising for my website

If some one know or work on face book paid advertising please help me..

Thanks in advance

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No experience with Facebook advertising, sorry.

However, Google does not charge a start-up fee of $5. They just have a $5 minimum to get started. The initial $5 "start-up fee" actually gets applied to your ad campaign.

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I have done ads with facebook few months ago and there was no start up charge or anything like that.
Oh ! and also have a look here for complete reference Oh !


Hope this will help!

Okay I got my answer Its free to start up with.. i will start a new account today only.. thanks alot.. you both and daniweb in particular


google does not charge any charges and facebook also does not charge any charges but facebook marketing is more expensive than google.

yeah face book provides the same options as google provide

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