Can anyone tell me how to increase visitors to website?

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Share your site link in social networking sites (facebook, twitter, stumble upon).

There are more than 50 free ways to increase traffic - article writing, forum commenting, social marketing, social media, press releases, etc.

@ Fedric, After Google Panda Updates Just doing work on these sites for Increasing Number of visitors on your site:
• Work on Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn
• Get your site listed in top rank directories
• Get back links to your site
• Make a lens on Squidoo
• Write press releases and submit everywhere
• Write articles and distribute them everywhere

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Oh come on there are several ways to do it you just need to consistent and hardworking.

You should have checked the forum before posting the topic. There are many topics like these already discussed before. Anyways to increase the number of people to your websites, the first step should be write good content on your website and make it more attractive to visitors who visit the website so that they would want to come again. After all this is taken care of then you can think of performing SEO on your websites. All the best.

It requires hard work and patience. You can increase visitors to your website through
1. advertisement
2. Go for news paper ads
3. publish posters
4. write articles
5. Tv ads
6. link submission
7. sell t-shirts,bags with your domain name published on it.
If you are looking for free way to bring people to your site , then you need to make better backlinks, write press-release , make use of social networking sites.

There are many ways to increase visitors to our website. such as social media marketing, article writing, PR submission etc

the way of optimized your site, site listed to directory, Get and buy link to your site,use smart public relation,post chat room, join local business organization etc you increase visitor for your website.

60,000 net working site use and increase visitor .

just participate in SEO Techniques and join social network sites if you want organic traffic in short time.

just participate in SEO Techniques and join social network sites if you want organic traffic in short time.

In my opinion you should to join in social community sites because there are lots of people on social sites. If you are able then you should to use PPC method because it is more faster for increase visitors.

To increase visitors to your website do link building and share your site link in social networking sites like facebook, twitter.

Several ways for it.Start from Link Building then Social media,viral marketing,article marketing and many more ways to increase the web traffic..

submit ur sites to social bookmarking and directories sites
share ur sites on social media pages like FB, twitter, google+...
Have quality & hot content
Let PR ur sites on 4rum by posting on right place :D

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SEO & PPC are key to increase visitors to a Website.

social media and bookmarking site are very important to get good traffic, however free classified ads sites can also give you good results.

SEO off page activities also can help you more to increase your web traffic.

Improve your search engine ranking by focusing your content on keywords related to your topic. Advertise your presence. Attract users by giving some offer. Join pre-existing community which is related to yours site in social networks and post informative reply for the thread along with your URL.

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