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I have been working on one of the seo projects related online health insurance. I am doing all the activities like article submission, directory submission, social bookmarking, forum posting and blog commenting, but not getting the desired result as the keywords keep on jumping and some are still on the same position showing no improvements. Kindly suggest some different activities other than these one which will prove to be more effective and result oriented.

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Keep up your work continuously then you will find your result surely. Do the smart work means work with the high pr sites for articles, blogs and social bookmarking.

You can approach to some high PR health related guest blogging sites to publish your articles/content. In return you will get back links for your site, which will be beneficial for your website's rankings.

Continue to do what you're doing. Don't give up. Work on forming relationships with other sites in your industry. Promote your RSS feeds as a means of getting other relevant sites to syndicate your content (Just titles/blurbs, not full content).

SEO takes time. It can take 6-9 months in competitive fields. It can be a slow process but when it works its very good.

You have done article submission, directory submission, social bookmarking, forum posting and blog commenting.

You need to start to building some major linking strategies one way non reciprocal links can help move some of those terms that have laid stagnant over the the past few months for you.

Aim to build links on some High PR domains and make sure that the anchor text of the links are associated with the terms you are trying to get ranking on.

Is your on page SEO in order h1 - h4's, alt tags, page titles, unique content etc etc...

You could be washing out your own SEO work if your posting to places that don't have to do with your topic, the negative affect could impact your hard work which is why your not seeing results.

You've got to keep working on it, its not easy to see results in this environment especially on google. You'll have to probably start with long tail keywords and then work from there. High pr links always helps.

continue with your work but in a strategical way like link wheels, link pyramids, three way attack, chained pyramids, full monty ... to name a few.

yeah carry on your link building campaign it is an ongoing process secondly keep analyzing your competitor's backlinks.

You sound like you have a good handle on your off-page SEO. How about your on-page SEO? Metatags, alt tags for your photos, H1 tags, good navigation....

Check out some of the other threads in this forum for more details. Remember, on-page and off-page SEO are complementary; both need to be effective to succeed in SEO.

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