can any one Explain Difference between Google Organic & Google Referral

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If someone search on google it shows result,
Search result can be divided into two way Organic result and sponsored result.

Organic result is that google can find those which matched best google show it as a organic result.

Sponsored result is a paid service for this service you have to pay .

Organic result is free.

you have to do SEO for get position in organic result.
Actually it depend on which keyword you are using , & your competitor.


I will add here that the sponsored results are also called inorganic results.. These results are shown at right or at the top .. These are ads of the companies who rum PPC for their websites .. Thanks


Google Organic would refer to traffics from organic searches on Google while Google Referral would mean traffics come from other products from Google like Google Places, Google Bases and others except Google Organic. :)

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Search results comes from any keyword search is called Google organic search while referral traffic from google network is called Google referral traffic.

Well i am using google analytics and shows me the forums, blogs and directories in the referral sites tab.. I don't know how can i view referral traffic from google in analytics!

Visitors came through keywords from Google Organic is called organic Search.
Visitors came through Referring websites is called Google ref feral

Thanks every One for Replaying

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