How to check backlinks?

I usually check backlinks with Yahoo...

Yahoo is always best to check the backlinks.

google it:- link:domain

u will get all the backlinks for ur site

Google's link: filter is super inaccurate. Use Google Webmaster Tools at

I usually backlinks on google and yahoo

i prefer to use yahoo explorer

I use several backlink checkers. I have several on tap so I can compare their results; also, as these are free links, sometimes they are down. This one not only gives me backlinks, it also tells me Aleza ranking and PR.

I tried but couldn't understand the result. Can you please example, how they display the result?

Hey Dude:

To me, it looks as if the checker is down. It asks me for a username and password.

I would go through this thread and see the other options for backlink checking (including my earlier post on this).

I do visit webconfs to check my backlinks. they are reliable and have good site reputations. go to their sites and click on backlink summary. they will give you the list of your websites backlink together with the corresponding PR.

Hi friend i chek my site back link in and (link: site name).
This give correct back link of your page.

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Backlinkwatch and raventools are useful tools for checking backlinks of a website.I am prefer backlinkwatch tool for checing bacl=klinks.

I prefer to use

According to me you can check your backlinks through Webmasters tool.

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