I am creating a Web Search Engie. I am studying BE Computer Sciece. I want some tips in ASP and VB. Please help me. Please tell me some helpful site for me. And tell your advise to me.

My E-Mail : [email snipped]

Clement Jeba Kumar

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I have watched your post since you submitted it and I think I understand why you haven't received any answers so far. Can you try to be more specific with your SEO questions?

They have a good forum here for tips on ASP and VB. I can't include the exact URL's, but if you found this one you should be able to find those ones.

As far as SEO tips, there's tons of good help available here.

I dislike specualtion, but I am inclined to believe that you are looking for a crash course in SEO. Here it is in three phrases:

1. Build Search Engine and Visitor Friendly Web Sites.
2. Offer Each Balanced and Logically Presented Keyphrase Rich Content.
3. Never Try to Trick Either of Them.

Are there any specific questions that you may have regarding SEO? I'm sure we are eager to help you.

you must visit forums specially designed for VB and ASP. however there are lot of tutorials available on VB and ASP from USA univertsities . read them . get your self perfect in ASP and apply for job in indian multinational good luck

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