On page SEO is all about keyword selection and about optimizing the code inside your site, Its includes content, anchor text, pages, navigation and everything else.
Off-page on the other hand is about build the popularity of your website while out side your website. Off page activities includes :
Link building
Directory submissions
Forum posting
Social bookmarking
Blog submissions
Article posting etc...

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On Page SEO: SEO-On page is designing the web site user friendly way. In these search engines SEO way.Title are addressed in a version of the website may have relevant and specific keywords to attract more users and likewise meet market demand may have competition from other web sites or may Use specific keywords that are less used in other websites to capture traffic.

Off Page SEO: SEO to another page, the file is the link to other web sites linked in turn with reference to the keywords. Speaking of backlinks is necessary to have quality links with relevant keywords so that gives meaning to the website.

On page optimization is analysis relevant keywords for website, making meta tags, meta title and meta descriptions of a website.Content used in the description should be of high quality, it should not be copied or of low quality.
off page optimization is promoting a website in search engine. Techniques used in on page optimization is social bookmarking, directory submission , article submission , forum posting and blog posting.

On page optimization is doing changes in the code id the site by implementing meta title, keyword and meta description. Off page SEO is the best way to get back links and to get high PR from Google point of view. It consist of directories submission, social bookmarking, article submission etc.

In on page SEO content is the king and in the other hand in off page SEO article submission, PR submission, directory submission, bookmarking submission is the king ...

On page is all about the keywords , tags and titles for getting the website found in the results. And off page is all about to provide the content which we have and that way for attracting people to own site. And for getting the effective and best results for the site , it is needed to manage both the methods efficiently.

Everybody should first read free book SEO Fast Start.

On page SEO work with content, Meta title, Meta tag and url. Its main focus area is content and keyword. It includes the keyword in its title to get more traffic.
On the other hand off page optimization focuses on back link. They work on different 2 strategy to get a good number of back links. These strategies includes bookmarking, directory submission, article marketing, blog posting, forum posting and so on.

on page SEO deals with variables such as:

CSS (cascading style sheets) and Gzip Compression
Inline code vs. Code Pulled from the Cloud or Linked via an rel attribute (Which Links Data from Server Side to a Page instead of putting the CSS or other code in the page) to Minimize Page-Load Time.
The HTML Output via the Programming Platform (aspx, cfm, php, etc.) and Whether or Not the Slugs (URL Format) and Code are Lean or Crawl-able to Search Engine Spiders.
Site Architecture, Continuity and Internal links
Sitemaps to Increase Crawl Depth and Frequency from Channeling Link-Flow to Less Popular or Frequented Internal Pages
The Relevancy of the Title Tag, Meta Data, Header Tags to the Primary Keyword.
How Relevant the Content in the Body Area is to the Meta, Internal Links, and Other On-Page Elements.
The Occurrence of Keywords, their Proximity to Other Related Keywords and Their Volume of Usage in a Document.

Off Page deals with the:
Inbound links from other websites.

o Their Volume (Appearance).

o Velocity (How Many Links, How Fast).

o Frequency Per Keyword Anchor Text.

o Neighborhood (What Type of Neighborhood are the Links are From?).

o C Class IP Range (are they from the Same Block?) Same Server, Same Hosting Company?

Agree with you, on page SEO of the main thing in your site your site inertial positions depend on it, and the off page SEO is quit different from it, this is the way of boost up site after launching a site..

On-page SEO mostly involve techniques which are used to make a website more “search engine friendly”, and this may include several changes within a website’s coding and content.

Off-page SEO involves several techniques which are aimed to further increase a website’s rank in search engines. This is through getting links from other websites called link building.

In On-site optimization one has to optimize website content according to the keywords and optimize meta tags which include title, description and keywords. Once you done On-site SEO you need to perform Off-site SEO tasks which commonly inclide:

Directory submission
Article writing and posting
social bookmarking
Blog commenting
Forum posting

The Best Method For SEO is Link Wheel To Quality Site

Such a nice discussion but can you tell me how can I analysis my site?

On page SEO is all about keyword selection and about optimizing the code inside your site, Its includes content, anchor text, pages, navigation and everything else.
Off-page on the other hand is about build the popularity of your website while out side your website. Off page activities includes :
Link building
Directory submissions
Forum posting
Social bookmarking
Blog submissions
Article posting etc...

On-page optimization is very important to make your site as search engine friendly and If your site is not search engine friendly then your site will be having poor page rank.

You can find it on google in more details.

I was ready on-page on other site i write only article but when i read your page i find you have very good knowledge on on-page seo. it is very simple for me and all other SEO beginner. thanks for sharing with us Social Bookmarking List

OnPage and offpage both are helpful for get traffic as well as increas backing for website.Both are important for any website,if your site keyword dowan,so offpage and onpage can helpful.

The On-Page & Off-page optimization are both plays vital role in SEO..by this we can promote our business in online marketing...Which leads to increase our business revenue while increasing our website visitors.....

On-page Optimization:
* Meta Title, Keywords, Description
* Alt Tags
* Bold Tags
* Header Tags
* Canonical Tags
* Robot.txt
* Keyword Density
* Keyword Promienance
* Deep Link Structure
* Quality Inbound Links

Off-page Optimization:
* High PR Directory Submission
* Good Social Bookmarking Submissions
* Article Marketing
* Video Marketing
* PRess Release
* Guest Posting
* Forum Posting & Commenting
* Blog Commenting
* Link Wheel
* Web 2.0 pages
* Feed Burner
* Slides Sharing
* Profile linking

 Content management
 META optimization
 Site structure
 Keyword Research & Analysis
 Canonicalization
 Competition Analysis
 Keyword Density
 Header Tags Optimization
 Image & Anchor Text Optimization
 Navigation & Design Optimization
 Creation and Submission of XML Sitemap
 Creation of robots.txt

Off Page Optimizations

A. Article Submission
B. Directory Submission
C. Foreign Directory Submission
D. Blog Creation & Posting
E. Blog Commenting
F. Blog Directory Submission
G. Classified Submission
H. Press Release Submission
I. Guest Posting
J. RSS Directory Submission
K. Signature Linking(Forum Posting)
L. Link Wheel Creation
M. Two way linking (Reciprocal Linking)

Some people call me "old hat" or "white hat." That's OK with me. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand and believe in the importance of off page SEO (define) factors. Good, old-fashioned, clean and meaningful, on page factors are also vital for every single SEO project. If you don't do it, you won't realize the full potential of SEO.

When we in the industry refer to "off page," we're talking about items external to your site: link generation programs, social media efforts, and buying links. "On page" refers to things like copy on your Web site, SEO-friendly Web site design, SEO-friendly code, title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords and internal linking.

How do you know what tactic may be most necessary for you?

Again, on page optimization will be necessary for every Web site to realize its full potential.

If you have a Web site that's been live for a number of years and has a very deep information architecture (several pages of well-structured, quality content), then the right on page optimization may be enough to help you to realize your goals.

If your Web site is relatively new to the Internet world (less than two years), then you're most likely going to need to concern yourself more with off page factors to help you position your Web site as an "authority" site.

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