We all know that backlinks are very precious to an internet marketer, blogger, or someone who just wants to get noticed and make money. However, with the recent Google Penguin prowling around, what are some of your SEO strategies that you implement in you site to get ranked higher? Here's mine:
-Forum Posting
-Blog Commenting
-Article Marketing

*Although that last one has made me nervous here lately!

You should do more in the off page as:
- Social bookmarking
- Social networks
- Wiki
- Link exchange request
That is the way I do, wish you well.

Almost used same techniques but Yahoo answers and wiki answers in extra

All off page techniques:-
Directroy Submissions
Bookmarking Submissions
Article Submissions
Blog Commenting and so on.

Ariticle submission, forum posting, directory submission, social bookmarking, blog commenting..

I mostly follow these tips for off page SEO:

Submit your blog to Web Directories
Submit your blog to Article Directories
Forum Posting
Social Bookmarking
Social Networking
RSS Submission
Link Baiting
EDU & .GOV Backlinks
Guest Posting

article submission, press release submissions, Social bookmarking, directory submission,Forum posting...

social bookmarking and forum posting

Can do article submission from various high pr blogs like "wordpress & blogger", article directories like "ezine & goarticles". Directory submission, forum posting.

I heard some negative feedback about social bookmarking after google panda update. Is anyone caused, Let share here.

other than that are directory submission and article posting...

Yes are doing right things now after on page you should focus on off page activities.Focus on buliding quality backlinks for this you can do forum posting,social book marking,Blog commenting and Article posting,you have to do Link Baiting for this you need to create you profile on social media sites such as facebook,twitter,pintrest.You can also put a blog section in your site and update your blog within 2-3 days so that your site get updated and can be crawl by Google easily.

My off-page seo methods are guest posting and blog commenting.

I do Social media optimization these days. I found SOcial Media Optimization the most important thing to do for your SEO. As i percieve it, it's all about 2 things. 1) Content and user engagement. Social media and their users are very demanding. You can't just have a profile and that's it. Your followers/fans need more. For them to engage with you, you need to satisfy their need for unique, intresting and up to date content. You really need a strategy for your social media. What you're sharing, you do you want to see it, when will they see it, why you are sharing that, what do you want to achieve etc.etc.etc. and 2) Volume and traffic. You need to have someone to share it with right? And the more the merrier right? Volume and high traffic is what you want to have and the ways 2 ways to do it. You can either start building your network and "gain" friends and followers slowly and progressively increase traffic or you can buy traffic, friends and followers. The 2nd choice has some challenges but it's the one i made and it worked pretty great for me. To conclude, get an Hourlie to increase your traffic ( Hourlies is the easiest and most reliable way i found) but DO have a plan on how you are going to engage and retain that traffic. :)


On-page and off page are two tools in SEO with which we can optimize our site through keywords and images and content.


Blog Comments, Link Building, guest posts, article submission, press release, forums, slide sharing are some important tasks in SEO.Having a blog on your site is a great way to increase traffic

I prefer forum posting and social network, directory submission seem to take more time to be accepted with free submission. Now Google pay more attention to social networking, they release G1+, allow webmaster add G1+ button on sites, this will be one of many factor for Google to analyse one site and rank

It all depend on what you want to prefer and most of time link wheel, blog comment and book marking is good to do now days.

What is the effect of social book marking, I think we should get the link on urgent base, that would be the advantage of social bookmarking,
Am I right guys???

Socialbookmark, blog comment, forum postings & article submission in high page rank, do-follow, and good sites are the best technique on off-page as for as i know.

I do article submission and social book marking.

i would like to perform mostly article submission blog commenting and bookmarking. and in all this i would like to do article submission alot.

As i think there are so mnay activities which is done by a SEO. I am sharing some of them which is most important like article submission, forum discussion, blog commenting, image tagging, social submission, feed submission and so more.


I do love blog network. Coz when the blog network is still alive such as ALN (authorithy Link Network), all my niches sites can rank top in google. So after it's died, i decide to set up private blog network by my own and now the result is the same. I can rank well.

Submit your blog to Web Directories
Submit your blog to Article Directories
Forum Posting
Social Bookmarking
Social Networking
RSS Submission
Link Baiting
EDU & .GOV Backlinks

I do social Bookmarking, article submission , Press release , Classified , Blog creation , Blog commenting ,Directory submission ,Forum posting , Photo sharing , facebook and twitter promotion .

All proivides good information about off page optimization techniques, I will add some some techniques by which you promote website like

1) Blog Creation & Promotion -: Create blog in free blog creation sites like blogspot, wordpress, blog etc, add post related to your business services & add your website in the content of that post.

2) Create Free website -: In online market their is various webnsite who provides free website creation options where you create wesbite at free of cost, from their you promote your website.

3) Guest Posting

Off-page optimization:
1.Directory submission.
3.Article submission.
4.Forum posting.
5.Blog posting.
6.Blog commenting.
7.Guest blogging.
8.Press release.
9.Social media optimization.

the Off page activities that i prefer after the updated algos of google are -
Directory submission
Article Submission
Forum Participation
Blog creation
Profile creation
Social Bookmarking

In Off page SEO contains mant activities.Like Forum Posting,Blog Comment,Blog Posting,Bookmarking etc....!!!!

I do the following off page optimization techniques:-
-Forum Posting
-Social Bookmarking
-Blog commenting
-Social Networking

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