Just starting out and I have no idea how to price any kind of internet marketing. I am researching keywords, creating a adwords campain with about 3 different campains to target 3 specific products. Also I am maintaining the campain and occasionally giving reports. In addition I wrote up a CSS/HTML template mirroring their homepage to use for ebay auctions (nothing special...at all.) Very basic template.
Anyways what do you think I should charge for all of this? I am thinking a startup fee, all advertising costs (ebay/adwords) and then a monthly fee to keep listing ebay auctions and reporting on the ppc campains...Thanks!

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It was about 4 hours of work so far, (and I am very slow with CSS b/c I just learned it about a week or two ago...)

Depending upon your skill level, and the amount that the company will benefit (i.e. are they getting 20 clicks per day or 2,000 clicks per day?) you can charge anywhere from $25/hour to $100/hour, I would think. You could also charge based on commission i.e. 10% of all clicks incurred.

Alright cool, that's what I thought. Thanks!

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