hello everyone,
I recommend that you generate little by little, with constant daily work of back link.
don't use any robot software. just keep in mind that post every day your link and
build your back link in off page and also remember that don't much more post your link in one day.

Google Webmaster is the best one as mainly use Google search engine, however, for checking backlink, you can check your backlink with "BacklinkWatch" it is the most popular one.

Apart from all these, my top 3 addons for SEO: SEObook, SERPTreds.com, SenSEO

You can check your backlinks with the webmaster tools & backlink checker

What backlink checker you are talking about? Could you share the link? we all have shared a few or the other tool but never heard of backlink checker. If you Google 'backlink checker' the istes you will get are not reliable tools and most them used Yahoo Site Explorer to fetch the results.. and since yahoo closed it, these all are showing some strange an weird results!

I personally use backlinkwatch for check my site backlink because it is very comprehensive, reliable and fast source to check backlinks of any website.

SERPTrends +1

Bcklinkwatch is good for only 999 links. what do you use to know the backlinks if it is more than 999?

seospyglass is cooollllll.

Can you please list out the backlink tool?

You can find it in Google! here you can find totally list of back link tools...

You can check your backlinks from the Google webmaster tool, Majesticseo etc

Dear you can find all backlink tool from google.

i would suggest build link manually because from September-2011 google panda doesn't allow automated links and there is huge chance for penalize the website.

Try Backlinkwatch. It is a good tool.

1. Opensiteexplorer has become a paid tool, is there any alternative ?

2. Any backlink generating tools ?

3. Free Link Pinging tools like ping.fm, but other tools as such !

Can you please list out the backlink tool?

tried this baclink tool

1. webconfs(dot)com
2. backlinkfinder(dot)com

There are many back links tool are available in market which are free too i an using seo quack.I also suggest you to use Google web master tools these tools are also great assert

I like the backlinkwatch and opensiteexplorer tools for backlink check.

Google adwords keyword tool and IBP (Internet Business Promoter)

I suggest not to use any such auto backlink generator tools.There are cent percent chance to get penalized.

google webmaster tool and backlinkwatch both are fine.

Google webmaster tool and opensite explorer also backlinkwatch.

Google webmaster tools and SEO quack are good for you , use these tool

You can use : alexa.com

fast directory submitter will be the best software for it

I use SEOquack an extension for Moziila. Also I think is available for Chrome and IE but I only use it for Mozilla.

Hi friend please clear you question first can you need how to check backlinks tool or you need spread back links?

increasing back links with using tools that's a spam google can panalize your site so do bookmarking join forums that's a best way

You can find many backlinks checker tools on Internet, so please find it on internet and use it,, thanks

friends backlink is a most important in seo.but your questions is not clear

There are many tools like backlinkwater, ahrefs...

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