Hi All,
Can anyone suggest me How to Increase website PR?

bookmarks site

And also check the following:

What are the back links?
When a link is placed on someone's website that is pointing to your website, then it is called a back link for your site.

Why It is Important To Get the Back Links
Back links will give you mainly 2 advantages

a) The back links increase the PR of your website
b) The back links drive a share of traffic from the source websites.
c) Your SERPs position is also improved by the back links. Althoug it is not the main factor.

Relation Between Back links and PR
PR of a webpage is directly proportional to the number of quality back links. If you are getting enough back links, then your PR will be boosted in a little time.

But PR will be increased really if your back links are quality back links.

What are Quality Back links

I think a quality back link must have following 3 properties:

a) A back link will be a quality back link if it is from a high PR site, say PR4+
b) If the theme, nature or subject of both websites is same then the back link will be called a quality back link.
c) The anchor text of the back link should be your target key words.

If a back link is having above three properties, then only few of these back links will be giving you a high PR and good traffic.

Be Careful of rel="NoFollow" Tag
You may see a lot of high PR blogs and sites where you can post your comments and can place your site link in signatures. But be aware, that most of these sites are using the "No follow" tag in the links.

Actually a link with a nofollow tag is useless for your website in term of PR. This tag tells the search engines that dont pass the PR to the site where back link is pointing. It will be a simple back link and will not increase your PR.

So before spamming any blog or forum, check if it is a "No Follow" blog/forum or "Do Follow" blog/forum.

And that's end

I think many people will like this post as it is telling the basics of back links and PR. Of course, this is not for advanced users who know all this before

Hi All,
Can anyone suggest me How to Increase website PR?

Gather more backlinks. Submit your site to directories, social bookmarkings and join some forums and put your sig.

Try to get more and more backlinks from the relevant sites.

Directories submissions, social bookmarking and forum posting with your links in signature can also help you.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the post, I didn't know all these details. It is very useful. Henceforth, I will pay attention to "follow tag".

Comment on high pr posts from blogger or wordpress. but dont make spam, make related comments to the Content

Comment on high pr posts from blogger or wordpress. but dont make spam, make related comments to the Content

Agree with your opinion but most of blogs today are nofollow.

The more back links you have the higher your PR will be Join forums,
Your websites presence is very important to your survival. The more people see, or hear about your website the more credibility you will have and this increases your chances of having these visitors come back and possibly become leads.
Submit to search engine directories. Search engine directories are a good way to get a free link to your website. They also increase your chances at being listed higher on popular search engines like Google, and overture.

Back Link from page which has PR

increase PR??
Submit to directories,article & try forum posting with your SIG.

To increase PR of website generate more & more backlinks:
1)Post articles..
2)Register your website in directories..
3)Make bookmarks of your website..
& so on.. Simply to increase PR u have to be active on net..
As i m also new at SEO and doing SEO of luutaa.com..
So, you find any thing new pls share with us..

There are many ways to increase page rank of a web site here some points

  1. Update your site twice in a week
  2. increase your quality inbound link and do all off page techqniues

try to get quality back links in order to increase the PR. but PR is just a Tool, no need to worry more about PR.

Its all about backlinks and keyword optimization, thats the key in this.

PR depends of many factors as quality of inbound&outbound links , content , traffic , bounce rate and many factors. But mainly on quality content. And overall website rank is calculated on the value given to each page separately. So for getting high page rank provide unique and relevant content and try to get the quality backlinks and reduce the bounce rate.

Use high quality unique content in website.
Submit your site on different web directories.
Do Guest posting.
Google likes the sites that keep updated daily so daily update your site.

The best way for improving the page rank of your site are do follow high PR links, try to get do follow links for your site form your niche sites.

Sure it is very easy to increase your website PR follw some methods for it like (1) Create Quality Back link
(2) create profile on all major social networking site
(3) update your profile by best content on daily basis
(4) Do white hat SEO only

Do blog comments
keep websites content fresh and unique,
Do forum posting for your website
This things help to increase your websites PR.

hi all, there's a lot of ways to do it but if you want to be more comfortable and not to waste your time to think how to figure it out the easiest way is to find a company who will do that on your behalf.... just what I did I saw this seoclerks.com.

Some of these help you to increase website PR:

Directory submission
Ping submission
Blog commenting
Article posting
Directory submission

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