hello friends, could you suggest me what is that actually it mean that???
If any of you know about that please share your information here

Cloaking is when a single page serves one thing to a website visitor and something completely different to a search engine bot. For example, the website visitor might see the way you want the page to look, but the bot might see something that is completely tailored for optimal SEO, keyword stuffing, etc., that doesn't even resemble what a human sees when they go to the page.

For example i want to know about Google algorithm. so i enter a keyword like "Google algorithm" in Google search box, then it show large list of sites.i choose the first site and i am shocking that site is related to "buying a t-shirt".This what called cloaking.just having unrelated keywords to a site

commented: this is very simple post that helped me in understanding clocking +0

Please tell me what is the benefit of doing the clocking.Why it is done and how?

Let's say that you have a website that sells blue widgets. But the keyword "red widgets" is less competitive in Google and can send you more traffic. Blue widgets are very competitive in Google. So you use cloaking to fool google into thinking you sell red widgets, so you get a lot of traffic from people looking for red widgets. But when human visitors go to the site, only blue widgets are for sale.

Cloaking means to show search engines a different view of page, while entire unique view of page to visitors.