Link wheel is strategy in which you create some articles on social media websites and link them in a wheel. It drives traffic and backlinks to your websites if and only if you are creating QUALITY wheels.
Here’s an example of link wheel
- Write content on your website
- Create a bunch of quality article and post them on different social media sites
- Link all these articles (published on your website and on social media sites) in form of wheel closing the link loop with your website's content
In this way you link your story and pages back to your own website like the spokes of a wheel hence called a link wheel

Scrappers are abusing this technique and creating wheels of spun and rephrased articles.
There are mixed opinions over the legitimacy of this technique in the eyes of search engines.

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i am not sure
but content is the most important in seo

Link blinding is improve our website backlink and make it visible and stable on Google top5,but it depend on your link blinding services.
Your sharing about of link wheel are also good and useful for me,I satisfied with you.

Ok i will try to do this :)

Link wheel technique will only be beneficial if you use unique and good quality content.

linkwheel is the great way to get a good traffic. These link wheels build backlink to your website main page , which give your website a higher rank in search engine. You will need atleast five website to do linkwheel . Make five website include blog and write good content then pur you main web url or other url at the last of article. This is very simple to make link wheel.

Yes Link wheels very well in increasing the sites PR and Traffic but the content should be original and relevant too.

yes it is really useful and easy create for making it more effective, we can go socail bookmarking of each our blog link, in this way our link wheel became more effective. I m creating link wheel in this way.

According to me good content will worth a lot in seo.

commented: according to me you are just posting drivel until you get enough posts under your belt to get a signature tacked on to your posts -3

Link wheeling is good back linking method we can make a quality links by it , this is effective way now a days for back linking

Well link wheel is the good but for that you will be needed fresh and unique content to get effective results.

I didn't try it before.But i ll try.

Good quality content that is written by you and good quality back links are the important things in SEo.

Yes Comtent are most important of seo

Link wheel is quite time consuming process ,But if you use link wheel with a quality content then you will get a best results from it.

Linkwheel strategy is a good tactic to increase web site traffic. This done by submitting articles to Web 2.0 sites and placing a link in that post back to you web site.

i am not sure
but content is the most important in seo

You are right that content writing is the first thing but.....

"link wheel is important" means you have to write the contents and then publish them on web2.0 websites, making inter relational links among them.

Lest statement shows the value of both, the link wheel technique as well as the content writing.

can i get this software?

What software?

I do agree that link wheel is one of the best backlink strategy. It can produce really good results if implemented correctly

I already tried this technique.Yeah Linkwheel is effective and useful in SEO.

I'm sure link wheels are pretty good ways to drive traffics and links.

Yes this Important because linking on one link visiter can visit many other links that are wheels for that specific site or keywords

Yes Definitly Link Wheel (Web 2.0 technique) is best for SEO.

yes by link wheel we are able to achive a good traffic and as well as backlinks.

What is more effective sites to use for linkwheel? Anyone can share any ideas.... Thanks

I want to know that, is link wheel really helps to get a good results from the search engines..

That person has mention about the Link wheel not say taht this the key thing for linkbuilding

a link wheel is a number of linked together web 2.0 sites that have been created with the purpose of building backlinks to your make money online site. It is one of the techniques to get higher page ranking.

always use unique content for optimization..

commented: Yeah, thanks, genius.... -3
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