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Hello Guys,

I will invite everyone dealing with SEO to drop their best SEO tips here, We might have some really useful tips from this page. (I will share few of mine as well!)


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thanks ,I am waiting for these

My tips:
# Article submission is the best method to get relevant backlinks.
## Make each of your webpage with unique original keyword rich contents.

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My tips are:

1. Make a proper plan for on page and off page optimization methods.
2. Best off page optimization in my opinion is : Blogging, Article submission, Forum Submission, Social Bookmarking.
3. Buy a domain with you keyword in it. (eg. If you want to do web design business on brisbane try to find something like <snip>).

I will post few on page optimization tips very soon!

My tips:
# Article submission is the best method to get relevant backlinks.
## Make each of your webpage with unique original keyword rich contents.

thanks for ur tip ! i'm doing article submission , it only allow links in resouse box,right ?

thanks for ur tip ! i'm doing article submission , it only allow links in resouse box,right ?

Yes, in most cases you can put link in Resrouce Box. This should be alright to put link in Resource box with proper anchor text. Some sites like GoArticles allows link in article body.

I manage a small website. I participate in forums that are relevant to our business. ALL these forums prohibit advertising in the posts. That includes links to a site that you reference in your post. They force you to buy advertising on their site.

I have also written 2 or 3 submissions to blogs. The links that you include in your post must have a "nofollow" option in the anchor reference. The Google robot ignores the link so page rank is not improved.

Off-page SEO is not easy or cut-and-dried.

Well regarding article submission and links present in it, always prefer those article directories which allow you to place live links in article body because they are more prominent and have greater probability that your readers may click on them...

Just check On page optimization first... choose the good keywords to target and start Off page activities.

Article submission, participated in forums, social bookmarking and commenting are best method of increase backlinks.

The best way to increase its traffic is to make your targeted keywords listed in higher rankings in serp.

rwsseo, i am completely agreed with you. because these are the fastest tool you can say to promote your keywords on google and can get good serps.

in my opinion
your website should be more in layers instead of tables
and offcourse the common ways are blog and forum commenting

Website traffic is monitored through various tools. Many of the best tools are free, but the results may need some interpretation. There are many companies that provide services that monitor and analyze website traffic. There are also ways for website owners to learn to perform this service themselves. It may take a while to learn, but it is a worthy investment, especially if a website owner is serious about growing the traffic to his or her site.

First you have to check on page and off page for optimizing your site. And also, article submission, directories and yahoo answer and commenting are best way to improve your site.

Blogging, Article submission, Forum posting are best SEO activities.

Participate in forums, article marketing and social bookmarking. Obviously with a proper SEO.

Best SEO tips is as that Create unique page which is made by "Description" then after improved your structure of the site and then after optimizing as contents and then after we make effective SEO tags, this is the one of the best tips for doing search engine optimization.

thanks for sharing nice information guys.

SEO Tips:-

Bold the keyword.
Deep Linking.
Multiple domains.
Titles for links...

The best seo tip is to build a bevy of backlinks with the correct keyword anchor text, other than that content will get you the most exposure. The more interesting your information the more people it will draw, which will then cause a lot people to bookmark your site.

SMO is the a good way to get traffic on your business.

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Use Delicious, Stumble Upon and Mister Wong Social Bookmarking Sites, They are awesome giving me almost 20% of my total traffic for my Blogs.


The best tips For the choose unique Key Words must be useful for your Business

Content is King as they say. It is considered to be the heart and soul of every website. It plays an important role in augmenting your online presence as well as forming long standing connection with your target audience. The main objective of your content should not just focus on being informative but should also hold your audience and build a desire for your readers to act.

Update or change the content of your site on a regular basis is a search engine optimized. Content that best describes the service, together with adequate information and images can make a website attractive and easy to use. To get content on a regular basis, you can create blogs. Blogs are an excellent source of communication with the customer about the product.

What is mean by Bold Key Words well My vote for Social Book Mark

My Tips in simple words: First you should work on your website's content. Secondly Only getting quality back links is only the effective way to getting high PR.In the link building we are use,forum posting, directory,Social bookmarking and article submission.

commented: Crow, to crow and spammer just a spammer seeks -3

Article exchanges. You have heard of link exchanges, useless as they usually are. Article exchanges are like link exchanges, only much more useful. You have published their articles on the history of a pudding for a site with a link back pops. They link back to your site with the top ten pudding pop flavors in Viet Nam on your article, publish. You both have content. You both get high quality links. (More on high quality links in other tips.)

These are good tips.

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