in your opinion, what is useful that Google Panda have according to SEO point of view???

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Useful eh??? hmm... Since this panda things starts ruling the web, Webmasters and SEO's are now more intimidated in posting or generating their sites content. I think that's the most useful thing about it.

google panda has been designed to check the quality of your website. It looks for quality content. Your site must not contain any copied material else goolge panda will eat up your website traffic slowly. Site ranking will come down. When your site ranking will come down you can not request for reconsideration request because it is not a site specilfic penality but it affects a large number of sites with an algorithmic change. I don't think google panda will help us but it will put us in big trouble if we do not do something for our site.

What ambraham said is true. Google Panda has tried to bring quality in it's search results thus in turn demanding quality from the web developers and content developers. Since the use of duplicate content is almost eliminated, Google Panda algorithm id forcing copywriters to come up with their own content, only increasing the intellectual ability.

so what you all have said that we should bring new content and creative strategies and features to cope with Panda.

I think only ranked quality website, ranking will be based on content.

Just make sure that intent/focus on site content, architecture etc is on providing more relevant content & information to users where possible as opposed to being aimed at increasing page views, traffic, ad space which is not related to an increase in quality content or sharing - in general. Robotic as well as human perception in this regard is important (ie. if actual users were to browse your site, what their perception of intent would be)

1. Better search results to users
2. Less copied-and-pasted content in thousands of sites

Google panda is useful for those websites owners which provide high quality and informative content through their websites.

in your opinion, what is useful that Google Panda have according to SEO point of view???

With Panda update, People are really putting stress on quality of content and site development as well. I believe Panda was a nice gift from google to internet users. It's really a big step towards improvement of quality of materials on web

Thank you very much, all of you for guiding me about it.

It is used to check the quality of the content. It is so much useful in websites

is it just to chek the quality of the contact or do something else as well? i just want to know how much is it different from the previous algorithm ?

Unique content of site is very important in google panda because panda love only unique and quality content.

After Panda update, you need to be more attentive as this algorithm is specially introduced for preventing duplicate content...I think social bookmarking is useful..

I think Unique Fresh and Good Content is useful in Panda .

Social bookmarking and forum posting is going to help you...

After panda update quality sites get ranking as well as they now index the page related as Synonyms in Search Engine Result page.

Only unique, good quality and informative content is useful in Google panda.

Google panda algorithm has helped me a lot because I always prefer to use ethical way to do seo that's the reason I always stay behind in search engine and all my competitors are on 1st page,so after this update , all my spammed competitors ranked down and now I got 1st page position.

Increased website usability and relevancy ( By eliminating spam)

We write a few articles per week and would rank high but some of the content generated by other smaller sites that we host would always beat us, but not anymore, in fact their content has disappeared which is a shame but more traffic for us :-) .

thank you google.

in your opinion, what is useful that Google Panda have according to SEO point of view???

Panda is an attempt from google to improve the quality of data/pages on internet, Before Panda people were thinking that backlinks are everything but now they are started considering quality of content as well

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