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what techniques we follow on link exchange well be focus on high pr or low pr with theme relative and why for example
i want to link related to travel site now some one link exchange me with high pr but it is not travel related site and another one have low pr but he will give me travel related site. now which link is more useful to me and why ?


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Hold on to your links. They count as votes of confidence. Don't link to someone just because they link to you. This won't help anyone. Unless you are bartering for high quality traffic, I wouldn't bother with link exchanges.

In link exchange you can use either high Pr or low Pr but its must be relevant on your keyword so that it doesn't consider as spam.

I think you should not work on link exchange because from any mistake if you do like exchange from any spam or fraud site then it it will be harmful for your site.
Any way if you interesting in link exchange so you should exchange link with your niche related site that's have high PR and always be careful in link exchanging.

first thing is that Link exchange always with relevant theme . Site should not be link form no "no follow" links. content of link site should be unique and meaningful. check ip address of that site and never with bad neighbor site.

I would advice you to keep PR aside while taking backlink. Focus more on relevancy as it will help your website getting more relevant traffic and Google considers these links as best.

2nd option would be good for you.Relevancy is main factor in SEO. i would have been surly vote for relevant link.

I vote for relevancy. Why? Well relevancy is ranked higher and given more preferences than random links by Google spiders.

If you link exchange with the same and revelant site then they help ful for inbound and backlinks.

Hi....according to me high PR links would be more helpful to you...but try to build natural one-way links to your site as it is more beneficial than link exchange....and it is not necessary that you should have links from only related sites.....related site linking is true in case of link exchange but in natural link building, sites link to you naturally by seeing your content and they don't ask for reciprocal link to your site also.....

wow after your suggestions now i have good knowledge about this topic. Thanks to all of you

Do not go with those guys who is offering you irrelevant link exchange. The matter is relevancy and site ranking. So better do exchange with such sites.

link exchange is no more , quit to use that technique

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