You want to opitmise a site for 10 keywords say.

You choose 2/3 keywords per page and optimise accordingly and therefore have your 'on-page- factors covered.

When addressing the 'off-page' factors ie: links, what is the best way to include those 10 keywords into your linking campaign?

I know you can include say 3 key phrases comfortably into your anchor text, however what are the best ways to get the other 7 successfully into your linking campaign to help rankings?

Hope this is clear


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Well as we all know, you need lots of backlinks for SEO. Based on the fact that you are chosing your own anchor text, I am assuming you are buying backlinks. If so, buy about 3 or 4 sitewides from large sites, and use two keywords each in each link. Let other backlinks come naturally. Create a "link to us" page on your website with a couple of suggested anchor text and url combinations someone can implement on their site. It will eventually even itself out because over a large enough period of time, the largest percentage of visitors will select the anchor text that contains the keywords most often searched for and most related to their own sites. Kills two birds with one stone: backlinks are targeted and contain keywords commonly searched for by visitors to the site linking to you.

Does that make sense at all?

yes thanks. I am not buying links though. i am going out to offer reciprocals and also writing a lot of articles with those anchors in the resource box

Still the same idea. When you go out to offer reciprocals ... give them three prospective url and anchor text combinations they can use to link back to you.

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