Hello there.... in my photography blog I just changed my permalink in WP to a more structured solution that better cover and describe the variety of pictures and images displayed.

So i moved from...




I use Platinum SEO pack plugin in WP and I have everything re-directly 301 smoothly to the new url.

If I digit the old url in the browser I got the new one and the correct page.

Also the canonical link is created correctly and is the new one.

All look perfect but... Google webmaster tool is finding out hundreds of duplicate content considering wrongly the old url and the new url as different pages (and so obviously same title and description).

What I should do?

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delete one or the other

The situation is going on, it takes time for Google to update the system and delete the old url in webmaster tool but after 1000 duplicate issue I'm now back again to 200 and getting better. Need to be patient.

Ok guys can confirm.... it was just matter of time.... today there are no errors anymore.

Your confirmation is correct as artphotoasiA described. It takes a bit of time, but it will self correct. As the search engine spiders visit the old link, they will be redirected to the new link. They will report back and the references will be updated.

301 redirect is SEO friendly redirect. Don't worry if you have done 301 redirect on your website.

Regarding this issue and experiment I just want let you know that today there is not anymore any issue with duplicate content in my website but the pagerank of all the changed url post in WP is now 0 (before was 2) like if it was a brand new page with new url.
That was really bad! and Google states exactly the opposite saying that a correct 301 redirection does not alter the old pagerank.

you have Good option that delet one of these and fixed the issue in WEb master tool

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If you have done the 301 redirection properly then there is nothing to worry about. Wait for some time and these messages will go away automatically.

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