I'm trying to look for some ways to increase the SEO of my company's website. My boss spoke to some guy who said he could embed the company's name into the "back pages" of NY news (I'm from NY). Can someone please explain to me what he means by this and if something like this would be effective?

I'm trying to explain to my boss that no single action is going to immediately boost our company's name to the top, and that it takes a number of different actions and methods, and that it also takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. Would I be correct in saying all this? There's really no single action you could take that would immediately boost you to the top right? And does the google algorithm work immediately? Or does it take time?

Thank you

You are correct in your assumption that it isnt going to happen overnight. It does take some time. However, what I recommend to most people, even those that are interested in paying someone else to assist them, take a look at what Google recommends about SEO. They have a PDF doc that explains the best practices with regard to this subject. If you follow their recommendations, you will see a tremendous improvement in your rankings.


Thanks for the info. Can you help me to understand what the guy means about embedding the company's name into the back pages of NY News?

Also, does following the techniques in that google document actually work?

So I am not sure what they guy means by embedding the company's name into the back of the NY times. The only thing that comes to mind is the technique of creating backlinks on other websites. An example of a backlink is where one website has a link to another website. Say you follow someone's blog and you decide to leave a comment. In that comment, you add a hyperlink to a page on your site. this is an example of a backlink. When google indexes that page, they find your link and this included in the algorithm they use for your page rank.

With regard to the information in the Google document, I would say that if Google is the #1 search engine and this is the information they are suggesting, then Yes, I would implement those suggestions. My experience has been that the techniques do work.

What ITG-JM linked to you is the document created by the Google team to ensure a clean SEO campaign for the website owners and to ensure that this will be done according to the best interest of the end user. This are their rules in order to have a clean SEO campaign. I'm sure you would want to follow them because you can't afford to not. You might be banned from being crawled by Google thus making your site suffer immensely.

I can't agree more to you. This does not happen overnight, and even the guy who told our boss that they can embed your company's name into the back of the NY times can't. It takes time to create qualit backlinks (as explained by ITG-JM)

I think what he mean is that he can get a link to your website from NY news website. Publications like NY Times are highly trusted by Google so a link from them can significantly improve your search engine rankings. However buying links is a clear violation of Google link building guidelines. However it is alright to get a no follow link which doesn't impact search engine rankings. So if you get this embed thing from a popular page you can expect a nice stream of traffic.

I'm confused. First we established that doing a single thing wouldn't significantly improve SEO, but now nsillk is saying that if NY News website links to the company name I will get a nice stream of traffic .. Can anyone clear this up? And also, paying them to put the company's link on their page is illegal? What if I don't pay them? And how does Google know if there is money involved?

NY Times already established good backlinks, to name a few of the key techniques to improve SEO. And being able to get a link to it will definitely do your website some traffic. And yes, I forgot to mention buying links is a violation of the Google's guidelines. If you do this, you will/might get some nice traffic for a span of time, only to find out later that Google no longer crawl your site, simply because you did not follow their guidelines. Thus, making your site invisible to Google (i suppose this is the worst case,.) However, I don't know how Google does that, but there's no denying that it's a reality.

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