I am looking for some decent adsense alternatives that are work checking out? i herad of some like adbrite, Edomz.com, Adbrite, and clicksor. just confused which i use before i see many good reviews about all of them. your suggestions would be highy appriciated.

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Google for interestrial ad networks, they pay highest CPM rates, up to $7 per 1000 visits.


Thanks guys for useful information. I started in my blog adbrite and edomz.com. both are working ok. I am quite happy with edomz.com because there minimum is only 5$ and they are paying when i reach minimum and adbrite payout is really too high, looks like i will have to wait for long time o reach my 1st payment.


if you're worried about payouts, it means you have a low traffic volume. If this is the case, Adsense is the most contextually sound and reliable advertising once it gets ramped up and efective - otherwise you will work with some sketchy or less-than-average paying advertising networks. Unless you get a very personalized relationship with a network and have a lot of contrl for content, CPMs, and other factors, it's best to use Adsense

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That I'll agree with :)

Try Adsgadget. It's a new self-serve ad platform with amazing rates and flexible conditions.


Hey Josh,

I agree with you but I do think that just because it is not Adsense doesnt necessarily mean that it has to be sketchy or lack trustworthiness. I think it's all a matter of doing your research and having a good support team on the other side. Putting a face to the name. Plus, though Adsense is indeed a great network, it can be a bit harsh or unsuitable for small publishers.It never hurts to try!

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