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I want to know what is Link Building, and why Link building is penalizing our sites.


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Link building is ways of building our backlinks, you can get penalized by Google if Google thinks that your backlinks are spams, not quality backlinks.

Link building is all about leaving your links on different websites and this is known as backlinks...

All link building methods never penalize our website. When we do spam, that time google penalize our website. If we build good backlinks, our site get high serp.

In other words, your keyword pointing your site/blog from a quality website is a linkbuilding technique. You will be kicked by google if you buy links or spoof google, you will be kicked out of the google serp. Once done..all your natural links will also be under survillence by google.

your backlinks may be spam in eyes of google web master tool just create quality links..

I was working on a game theme website, everything was going good until the panda update. I am working on my second website, Creating back links is so difficult.

link building is a technique of making backlinks of your site.If you use link building and keep in mind all the guide lines of Google then your site will not be penalize.Make the quality backlinks,read all the updates and follow them...:)

If exchange your link uncatagorised, bunch of anchar tag in that case search engine dedected your link spammy then link building harm a website.

always prefer to build a quality backlink not prefer for quantity.......

Link building means getting the back links for your site by different seo methods like forum posting , blog commenting etc. The site is panalized only if you do spamy link building.

We are not being penalized for link Buidling. If we link to quality sites it will have a good effect on our PR and SERP. Read about Link building and always link to sites related to your website.

Google make an update having the name of penguin in whcih google remove the value of all the links which is generated by link building.Now we have to go only for quality backlinks to get the best result.

The penguin update is responsible for sites getting penealized for link building. The hard fact of the matter is that link building strategies that worked for many years are now knocking sites out of their position on the engines. I suggest that you read a few quality articles on the update and decide on a new stategy. If you are in a real bind you may want to hire an SEO expert. But, for the most part many can recover their rank by implementing new tactics and making sure old habits for link building get tossed.

Link building not penalized your website if you have doing quality work. Exchange links with your theme website & google cache website etc. Quality is the main not Quantity.

Link building is penelizing sites when Google latest update penguine, because their are lot's of unnatural links and spaming content.

Link building means collecting quality backlinks with the off-page optimization SEO techniques. If you are using unethicals ways of promotion like black hat SEO techniques & spam methods then you will be banned from the search engines

If you build quality backlinks from high page rank & dofollow site to your website then their wont be any penalization from google. Build backlinks from trusted sites.

IF you build link unrelated category and content, bunch of hyper text so this link building harm for a website.

link building is penalizing site, if you are not doing link building according to penguin and panda updates, in certain time so many updation has been made by search engine. so we should try to work high quality websites.

we care at on page so we can't find this type truble.

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