What are the most important aspects of SEO?

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Well good explanation in a short sentence about SEO , i think my site speaks all about this

There are lot of acpects repalted to SEO the only thing that i am canserned about what aspect would like to discuss On page aspects or OFF page aspects. let me know.

On-page and off-page are both important aspects of SEO.

Most important factor in SEO is to know about On-page optimization, Off-page optimization.
On-page optimization:
1.Title tag.
2.Meta tag.
3.Anchor text tag.
4.Meta description.
Off-page optimization:
1.Directory submission.
3.Article submission.
4.Forum posting.
5.Blog posting.
6.Blog commenting.
7.Guest blogging.
8.Press release.
9.Social media optimization.

What are the most important aspects o

What are the most important aspects of SEO?

**SEO Factor #1: Keyword near the beginning of the title tag.**
It can be enough to simply place the keyword in the title tag. It can be even better to have it at the beginning of it.

**SEO Factor #2: Keyword used as anchor text from external links.**
Inbound links from other domains that use your keyword as the anchor text are essential for SEO.

**SEO Factor #3: Authority of the domain.**
Google recognizes domains that have built a strong online presence and weighs their articles higher by default than others.

**SEO Factor #4: Genuinely high-quality, unique content.**
This SEO factor is vital. The key to success at your blog is to create awesome content that people enjoy.

**SEO Factor #5: Keyword anywhere in the domain name.**
Sites often rank well for the keywords that are contained in their domain name.

**SEO Factor #6: The number of external links to a page.**
Every link to a page is like a vote. The more links that your site gets, the more popular Google knows that your site is.

**SEO Factor #7: Keyword anywhere in an H1 tag.**
Google knows that the most important information on the page is in the heading tag. Take the time to make yours count.

**SEO Factor #8: Diversity of external link sources.**
It’s great to have a dozen links from another site. It’s even better to have one link each from a dozen sites.

**SEO Factor #9: Links from social media sources.**
Search engines pay attention when they see you creating content that your followers enjoy so much that they share it.

**SEO Factor #10: Keyword as anchor text to outbound links.**
Search engines like to see you linking to other relevant sites. Your keyword as the anchor text is a great way to do it.

**SEO Factor #11: Length of the remaining domain registration.**
Spammers often register domains for very short periods of time.

**SEO Factor #12: Keyword in the page URL.**
Google pays attention to sites with keywords in their permalinks. Make yours contain terms that describes the content of each article.

**SEO Factor #13: Keyword in smaller headlines like H2 – H6, Bold and Italics.**
Although these are less important than the H1 header tag, they are still very important.

**SEO Factor #14: The existence of a meta description for your page.**
Providing a meta description is a great way to show Googler’s what the page is about and draw them in to click your search listing.

**SEO Factor #15: Keyword as the alt text and title for an image.**
Using a key phrase as the alt text of an image is a tried and true way of earning better listings.

On-page and off-page is the most important factors for the seo .

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