Who is better SEO or SMO ?

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Both techniques useful but SEO is more useful because it is icrease our website ranking, visibility, popularity and traffics so i think it is better then SMO.

Of course SEO because SMO is part of SEO.

Both techniques are used to bring traffic....try everything......

Both are like Head and Tail in One rupee coin. Both plays an vital role

both have their importance
but 1st you need to do SMO (social media Optimization)
and after that
you need to come on SEO (search Enigne Optimization)

both are important.

Do both... You need both to expand... If both are going to make you bigger why would ou question which is better?

What I would say about SEO is SEO is nothing but understanding algorithm of search engines, once you understand the algorithm of search engines then it becomes really very easy for you.

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Both are good for getting traffic dear.

We do both off page & on page so SEO is better than SMO.

SEO is the better for increase keywrod ranking.
and SMo is the better for internet marketing.

as my opinion both are good SEO and SMO.

SEO is nothing but understanding algorithm of search engines, once you understand algorithm of search engines it would become very easy for you.

In my view both are best...

SEO is a full process and SMO is a part from it.

Both are effective but SMO is updated than the SEO...SEO is a tradition thing, but the SMO is new arrival thing, which helps more effective to getting quality backlinks with good traffic as early as possible. when compare to SEO..SEO is a late process but its constant process i.e creates organic traffic.

SEO is for getting back-links and organic traffic and SMO make sites popular in the Social networking site . Both are the important part of internet marketing.

SMO is one of the part of SEO. SMO make a better traffic for site.SEO has a big concept and it has many method for site optimization like SMO,Link Building, Off-Page, On-Page, Black Hat, White Hat and many other. So SMO is a sub part of SEO and SEM. So do not confuse with those concept.

SEO is the better for Search Engine Results
and SMo is the better for Social Media Optimization.

SEO is better for bussiness sites and SMO is better for dating sites.
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As well as i having experience, I strongly feeling that seo is more better than smo. Thourgh seo we can make our website internal things better as well as publishing our website via submissions.

SEO is the better for increase keywrod ranking.

as per today, both are aprt of website promotion. SMO cam be said as part opf SEO. SEo can be done wihtout SMO but inclusion of smo will deliver a sharp edge.

Hi shashank both are better !!!!!!!

Hi Smo part of Seo !!

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