I am doing SEO for my website, and I recently found yahoo directory. It is possible to submit website for free or to order expedited review for $299. So I have some question:

1) How much time will it take to review my website if I select free submission?

2) Will they 100% approve my website in case I order expedited submission or they just guarantee that it will be reviewed, not approved?

3) Will appearing in Yahoo directory give me a good impact in Google and Yahoo?

Thanks in advance!

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I don't think it's necessary. Focus on having great content, and encourage other people to link to your website. The search engines will find you and index you that way. I don't really know anyone who manually submits to the search engines anymore, and paying $300 for a directory submission doesn't seem worth it.

Google:: entered the dictionary as the verb for internet search , and is free to submit
Yahoo:: entered the dictionary as an uncultivated or boorish person; lout; philistine; yokel.

has anyone ever said, go and yahoo it, for $300

No, not a complete waste of time I suppose. I often wonder if there's any natural ranking influence for paying listings. If there is, then to me it seems of an insignificant SEO advantage. But probably not a complete waste of search engine marketing money, somehow.

I always try to think what I can get for free. What can you get in SEO for free? ... hmmm ... free ... oh ... high ranking web pages in the organic listings for competitive keyphrase searches. I try to go for that; try to get a little more on-page/on-site search engine optimisation know-how along the way to boot.

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As for me,DMOZ listing is very benefiacial than yahoo directory.Beside, it is free also.

First up, they take approve several days for approval. Sometimes more than a week. Cheaper services can be availed with better results.

Go for Dmoz its free and GOSH its very powerful

Ya, it's good to submit your website on Yahoo directory.

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mariaford, I think that DMOZ just isn't what it used to be. Matt Cutts even posted one of his webmaster videos on his twitter feed recently about the diminished value of DMOZ.

atop, have you submitted to the Yahoo! directory recently? Did it prove valuable at all? Reallllly hard for me to believe it is. Need proof :)

I complete waste of time and money, It would be better to spend that money on other seo campaigns

Submitting to Yahoo directory can help your site. You do not have to pay tho, free submission will do.

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